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Wilsford Down (Coombe Cottage), nr Upavon, Wiltshire, UK


A four-fold 'flower' design based around a squared circle. Approx 90-100' dia. Located at the top of the hill (there is a lot of wind damage in the field at the bottom) it's almost grown up, so looks like it's been there for a few days.

[image] [image] [image]

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Additional notes:

Odd shaped wind damaged crop in the field has led to some rumours of additional formations in the vicinity of this formation. However, subsequent examination of the area, both on the ground and from the air has revealed no other formations to date (14th June 2004). The aerial photo was taken on the 14th June and I've highlighted the area of this formation.
Pandora's field report is now online.

An additional report is available for this formation





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2nd Jun

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SU 095556

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Visitor comments - page 1:

At 9:57pm on 27th Aug 2004, M.Newark. wrote;
"Dowse control levels only, no earth force in formation."
At 1:04am on 31st Jul 2004, steve pyrah wrote;
"See what Pan has to say about crop circles at
At 11:49am on 17th Jul 2004, Wendy wrote;
"There is more to read on Pandora's web site about this formation.
You must have a Hotmail account where you go to msn my groups.
We all wish you every success with your new website Pandora.
At 11:50pm on 11th Jul 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Dear Pandora,

I will look forward to that. Thank you for all your beautiful words--but of course, they come from a beautiful heart. Would that the CCs had half your loveliness.

At 5:09pm on 11th Jul 2004, Pandora wrote;
"Hi everyone!
Hi watcher I hope to get the photographs on line soon as Paul gets time, yes, I agree with you ,its not wind damage.
I thought I would mention the Mexico Nuevo formation.
It is similar to the Coombe cottage lower field area ,where the Barley plants were laid down in patches along the tramlines.

The Coombe cottage lower field bays were downed in patches following the same characteristics as a Mexican formation reported on May 26th 2004.

However the Coombe cottage, and the triangular field formation all had the same design...which were different images placed on the tramlines but in the case of the triangular field there were several I could not get too because they were not on tramlines thereby preventing me from gaining access to them.

I have several really good photo shots of the triangular field and they are worth looking at because they were so unusual, mostly because they show in great detail the lay swirling in different directions with a very clear precise parting.... the stems on the side of a parting are lying almost parallel to the parting line, while on the other side the stems are facing away from it.
Catch you later,
At 10:16pm on 8th Jul 2004, Watcher wrote;

I just saw picture, the one that shows the tramline and the circles off to the right. That is not wind damage. That is NOT the way wind behaves. Note the series of seemingly equally spaced formations. Holy catfish. How the heck did that all get missed in aerial shots? Why is only the 'main' formation--or main part of the formation getting publicity?
At 6:20am on 29th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;

Thank you for the detailed answer. I'm looking forward to the other pics and reports. Cosmic hugs back to you, ftbomhas. Lylal and ykwgh. W says hello. How's T?


At 11:50pm on 28th Jun 2004, Pandora wrote;
"Hi Watcher,
How goes it?
The photos are from the same formation, this is the one at the lower end of the field at Coombe Cottage. The formation itself is very different to the usual formations but if my memory is correct this type of pattern within the formations has been seen before around the late eighties, so I think it is worthwhile to study this type of formation for groundwork information.
I have to say even I was surprised when I first saw the b ays and the different lays, swirling in so many different directions.
The mechanism or device used to form the swirling pattern must have had to change direction several times to achieve this effect.
One thing to note even if the lays look as if they are in crazy disarray there is in fact order within that chaos.
I have posted two more photos to P aul and one is the entry to the formation along the tramlines and the other is no eleven both are important. I have written a detailed report on number 11 so when Paul gets time I will continue with the photographs on this formation.
I have two more formations to report on if Paul is interested. One is West Overton, and the second is in the field shaped like a triangle next to cowbag hill a little way up from Coombe cottage formation.
This one is really interesting in fact it could be the most interesting one of all because of its beautiful ground lays.
sO there you have it and I hope to bring you more updates when Paul has time to take them in.Take care huggs!!!!! to you

Great forum Paul thanks again

At 7:27am on 25th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;

How many different formations are pictured in the photos posted under the "additional link" at the top of this page?

At 6:19am on 25th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;

Love the pics. lylal, ftbomhas

W and T


At 11:45am on 14th Jun 2004, NR wrote;
"Link is
But you have to be a member. Pics may well be wind damage

At 6:55pm on 13th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Celtic King has posted pictures from his visit to the THREE crop circles. They are on the MSN site--it is available through the Guestbook (link is located at the top of the Guestbook page)."

At 2:49pm on 11th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Maybe. But a child with a geometry set. Notice the main circle."

At 8:56am on 11th Jun 2004, boo wrote;
"This looks like the scribbling of a child."

At 3:40pm on 7th Jun 2004, Bill wrote;
" hi Paul and everyone. its good to read comments and descriptions from people who have visited the formations. it would be great though if visitors to the crop circles could upload pics taken inside onto a page attached to the relevant formation. that way voters on the opinion-o-meter could make a more informed decision."

At 11:13pm on 6th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Sorry, my misunderstanding, Paul. Good eye. "

At 10:49pm on 6th Jun 2004, Paul (webmaster) wrote;
"Erm, the photo above is not wind damage, as per my notes in the actual description above.
That is the *only* formation in the area. People have visited the area today and an aerial flight was taken over the entire area. There is only this, one, circle in the entire Coombe Cottage area. Everything else is wind damage, so hopefully Pandora will contact me ASAP to give me the OS grid reference of the formations she believes she has found. I can then verify them and add them to this database.

At 10:34pm on 6th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"The photo above may be many things, but a wind-damage formation ain't one of 'em. I agree with you, Pan. Good work."

At 7:09pm on 6th Jun 2004, Jamie H. wrote;
"Re. Pandora's other circles: read somewhere this could just be wind damaged crop. I look forward to hearing more about this intriguing development.


At 8:45am on 6th Jun 2004, Paul (webmaster) wrote;
"Pandora, please get in touch with me, either by phone or email. My field researcher is at Coombe Cottage this morning and he states that there is definitely only ONE formation in that entire area. I'm intrigued as to where the other three formations are located?"

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