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A listing of books available on the subject of spiritual thinking, living and awareness.

Spiritual Thinking

"Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are"
by Bob Frissell
CoverPublished by: Frog Ltd, 1993
ISDN: 1883319013
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A very interesting read if you're interested in finding out about spiritual awakening, ancient wisdom, Drunvalo's Flower of Life teachings and the hidden Hall of Records.

"The Celestine Prophecy"
by James Redfield
CoverPublished by: Bantam, 1994
ISDN: 0553409026
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This book will change your life! Written as fiction, but in a way that every reader will associate their own experiences with those of the characters in the book. Learn how to recognise and interpret the various 'insights' into a fullfilling and meaningfull life.
I guarantee you won't be able to put this book down until you've read it from cover to cover.

"The Tenth Insight"
by James Redfield
CoverPublished by: Bantam, 1996
ISDN: 0553540185
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The sequel to The Celestine Prophecy continues on the path of adventure towards the ultimate goal.

"The Secret of Shambhala"
by James Redfield
CoverPublished by: Bantam, 2000
ISDN: 0553506382
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The third book in the Celestine Prophecy series, continues the spiritual adventure in the remote snow covered mountains of Tibet. This will change your world view as you search for the 11th insight.

"Conversations with God"
by Neale Donald Walsch
CoverPublished by: Hodder Mobius, 1997
ISDN: 0340693258
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Taking the form of the author asking God for answers to life's pertinent questions, this amazing book takes the form of a dialogue between the author and 'God'. This book will provide you with the potential to reprogramme your life and see the divine and spiritual in a completely new light.

"Conversations with God 2"
by Neale Donald Walsch
CoverPublished by: Hodder Mobius, 1997
ISDN: 0340765445
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Expanding on the text of the first book, this starts to deal with more global issues such as geopolitical and metaphysical life on this planet.

"Conversations with God 3"
by Neale Donald Walsch
CoverPublished by: Hodder Mobius, 1999
ISDN: 0340765453
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More conversations with God.
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