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Geometric Analysis - Oliver's Castle, 2007 (uk2007aa)

An examination of the geometry involved in construction

The formation design is based around a large outer ring, with the inner section of standing crop divided by seven arced paths.

If we assume that the outer diameter of the standing circle (or inner diameter of the main, outer ring) is diameter X, and the circle from which each arc is constructed has diameter Y, by mathematical analysis it was discovered that Y = 1.185 times X.

In other words, the diameter used for constructing the arcs is 1.185 times that of the diameter of the inner edge of the outer ring. Due to detailed measurement, it was found that each of the seven arcs used the same diameter of construction.

Figure 1 shows coloured overlays over an optically corrected photograph of the formation. The inner circle of the outer ring is coloured in red. Each of the inner arcs are shown in different colours.

Apologies if this page takes a little while to load but I've used PNG format images instead of JPEGs, in order to preserve the original quality.

figure 1 [319KB]

Fig.1 - Circular overlays

Zooming into the centres of the various circles reveals that each arc has a different centre point (fig.2)

figure 2 [242KB]

Fig.2 - Zoomed into the arc centre points

Allowing for slight inaccuracies in construction, it's interesting to note that all the arc centre points appear to lie roughly on the central tram line going through the formation. It might be worth observing these locations on the ground to see if any physical 'post holes' can be found.

figure 3 [460KB]

Fig.3 - Diameter lines made thinner and rotated for clarity

Update, 21st Apr 2007
A few people emailed me about overlaying additional shapes over the formation, so using my Thoth software, I've added the following two further images:-

figure 4 [197KB]

Fig.4 - With a pentagon superimposed inscribed in the outer ring. This was the closest fitting regular polygon I could find, but you can see that it still doesn't quite fit.

figure 5 [197KB]

Fig.5 - With a 'Flower of Life' overlay (white) with an inscribed octahedron Platonic solid (red) overlaid.

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