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Field Report: uk2000bw

West Stowell formation, 2000 (uk2000bw) - 15th Jul 2000

OS Ref. SU 122634
Date of creation: 12th July 2000
Date of survey: 15th July 2000 (8.30pm)

It was just gone 8pm on a beautiful July evening when we arrived at the Knap Hill carpark. The team comprised of myself, my partner Cathy Smiles and research colleague Freddy Silva. Armed with our equipment and dowsing rods we made our way along the path down and around Knap Hill to the edge of the field; neighbouring the renowned circle hot-spot, East Field.

The actual formation itself was not that far into the field, perhaps 300 yards or so from the northern perimeter. It spanned some 4½ tramlines totalling approx. 280' in diameter. The lay of the flattened crop was anti-clockwise.

[image uk00bw2.gif]Fig.1
The formation consists of six fold geometry, with five vesica pisces curves spaced at 60° divisions. Where the sixth would be, there was a partial arc comprising a thin line and a small circle of standing crop, surrounded by an elongated section of standing crop (fig.1)

The sixth section was on the north (Knap Hill) side of the formation.

The likely constructional geometry of the formation is shown in figure 2 (below), demonstrating the base vesica pisces from which the other curves can be derived.

This formation exhibited some interesting anomalies. Firstly, I discovered that quite a strong radio interference pattern was detected at precisely 1500MHz. This is the same frequency that was detected in the East Field 'DNA' formation of 1996, so could indicate local RF conditions. Further readings are planned during the winter months to see if this is a lasting effect. Either side of 1500MHz was 'normal' background 'hiss', whereas at exactly 1500MHz a hum was detected, almost reminiscent of 50MHz mains hum. This alternated between hum and hiss as the radio scanner was moved across the formation, as if an invisible 'grid-work' was overlaying the formation.

[image uk00bw3.gif]Fig.2
The most dramatic effect noticed was a polarisation effect on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on the various equipment taken into the formation. The effect was present on everything, from a mobile phone and digital camera to the actual measuring equipment itself.

The display turned dark when orientated along the direction of the flattened crop, turning clear again when rotated 90°.

The last time I witnessed this effect inside a crop formation was in 1991 in a formation opposite Telegraph Hill along the A272, near Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire.

Analysing the aerial photo using digital geometrical analysis software revealed quite a few errors in the construction of the formation - assuming that the geometry is based upon the vesica pisces/flower of life pattern - which given it's extremely close likeness, seems highly probable. If we construct the formation purely from geometrical dimensions, based on figure 2, we can see that the formation is comprised of a number of overlapping circular curves, based on a single circle of fixed diameter. If we then superimpose these circles over original image (fig.3) we find that the error is quite significant, which is not so apparent through viewing the aerial photo alone.

[image uk00bw1.gif]

Figure 3 is based upon overlaying circles to match the positioning of the flattened wheat in the formation, after digitally correctly the aerial photo to compensate for the angle of the plane. By examining the geometrically accurate Flower of Life, on which the formation is obviously based, and removing the photograph (leaving just the overlay) we can see just how geometrically inaccurate the formation is (fig.4)

[image uk00bw4.gif]

The geometrical construction quality of the formation would point to it being of human construction (hoax), but none the less, a number of anomalies, both RF and LCD polarisation, were undeniably detected.

Cathy, who is a holistic healer, also 'felt' a gentle, loving energy inside the formation and both Freddy and I got positive dowsable effects, with my electronic equipment indicating a momentary increase in background RF frequency, coinciding with the 'energy lines' Freddy was detecting via his dowsing rods.

My conclusion would be that the 'circle-makers' were attracted to this location because of existing anomalies in the geographic location - perhaps forming an energy point on the 'Earth Grid', which is where future research will be aimed towards. However, there is no denying that there is an intertwined link between crop circles and 'sacred' places.

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