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Scientific Evidence and Ongoing Research

Detailing the personal research projects of Paul Vigay, which have grown out of the past 15 years of first-hand experiences from studying the crop circle mystery.

Crop Circle Researcher Paul Vigay first started investigating the crop circle phenomenon in 1989 and has since encountered many aspects of strange and anomalous phenomena. He was one of the discoverers of unexplainable electromagnetic effects in and around crop circles and, coming from a scientific and academic background, became one of the pioneers of electromagnetic research into crop circles.

Because hoaxers can't replicate some of the measurable electromagnetic effects being detected, and orthodox scientists are either uninterested or closed-minded to our results, Paul has continued investigating the electromagnetic effects in and around crop circle sites.

Important discoveries into harmonic and resonant frequencies led Paul to become the first researcher to link crop circles with sound, vibration and harmonic resonances leading to the production of "Circular Harmonics", a synthesis of meditational tones created by crop circle geometry. Working with fellow researcher Gerald Hawkings led to a number of exciting discoveries and applications related to the dimensions of sound, music, healing and holistic therapy methods. As a consequence of these important discoveries, Paul expanded his research projects to encompass a number of related areas - such is the holistic nature of the crop circle puzzle. Current projects now include Earth energy points (including ley lines and 'power spots') as well as sound and harmonics in the use of healing, spiritual advancement and uncovering hidden knowledge.

There are two broad topic areas covered by the research section of this web site; Pauls own research projects, being those he's personally involved with - and those which aren't studied personally but are important enough to warrant publicity and help contribute to our understanding of crop circles, scientific discovery and the world around us.

It is hoped to expand this section over the coming months, but please feel free to contact Paul with any comments or thoughts you would like to share.

Current Projects

Music & Harmonics

My biggest ongoing research project is into sound, harmonics and vibration. I am investigating healing, therapy and Psycho-Kinetic (PK) effects of sound and music. I am hoping to expand this section in the near future, so check back for updates.

Electromagnetic anomalies

On ongoing investigation into electromagnetic anomalies and scientifically measurable effects detected in and around crop formations.

3D Geometry & Interesting Shapes

A brief look at some of the shapes and designs that I've created from two dimensional crop circles.

Fractal Analysis

During recent years we've seen more fractal designs appearing in the fields. This article is a brief introduction to what is another vast area for research.

Analysis Software for Computer

An exclusive software application to analyse crop circle information. I developed this computer software myself in order to simplify the measuring and analysis of crop formations. Previously it would take several hours taking painstaking measurements on the ground. I can now take a few key measurements and perform a full analysis on the computer, using aerial photography.

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