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ORTK (UK) Press Release

Independence Day, The Movie - Friday 9th August 1999

Today sees the nationwide UK release of the film "Independence Day". We must seize this opportunity to make the general public aware of the very real aspect of the UFO reality. The Governments of the world have kept the subject a secret for far too long.

To quote the movie, why didn't they act in 1947 when they first recovered an alien craft at Roswell, New Mexico? What happened at Bentwaters airforce base in 1980? What was the outcome of 'The Assessment', initiated in 1963?

There is now enough evidence to prove the existence of extra-terrestrial craft entering our skies. When is the Government going to acknowledge the fact? Are they going to leave it until it's too late, like in the movie?

By sharing their secrets, UFO researchers the world over can help to analyse and understand the reams of data amassed over the last fifty years. We are now beginning to understand the technology behind their craft, and believe me, it's not as simple as that portrayed in Independence Day. Do you think for a moment, a computer virus would really work as simply as in the movie? Do you honestly think alien computers would use Pentium's inside?

We, at Operation Right To Know, believe that the only way to educate the public on the information that really counts is to keep pressuring the government to become open and share their evidence. Even air force pilots, MOD officials and US astronauts are now confirming the existence of alien craft entering our skies.

Did you know UFO's were only SIX minutes away from British airspace when, in 1990, the Belgian airforce scrambled two F16 fighter jets to intercept a UFO. This object was tracked on radar before it out accelerated the F16s. The UK government covered up the whole incident.

We are not forcing an opinion or personal view on anyone. We merely want the public to make the effort to examine the evidence for themselves. Ask their MP to force a discussion on the subject in the Parliament.

"Seek the truth and you shall find the truth."

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