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Newsletter - 14th April 2007

A weekly subscription newsletter dedicated to serious crop circle research

Crop Circle Research Newsletter - Saturday 14th April 2007

Hello, and welcome to the weekly newsletter of

This week sees another slight update to the main website, making the colours a bit more subtle, and inkeeping with the subject. I've also updated the database section a bit more, including the first crop circle of 2007, in Hoeven, Netherlands. This is one large 7m diameter circle with two smaller 1m diameter satellite circles spaced .5m from the larger circle.

I've also updated the database FAQ at to give answers to any questions you may have about signing up to access the database. I'm always conscious of making the database as easy to access as possible, so please feel free to comment on whether you think it's easy or intuitive to find you way around, or to locate the information you're looking for.

I've designed it to work with all web browsers, so there are no adverts, flash animations or otherwise superfluous distractions to slow down the loading of the page. It's fully tested on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and RISC OS computer systems, so if you have any problems please feel free to contact me.

AOL Saga

I also heard from CC researcher David Kingston (don't forget his conference tomorrow - who informs me that AOL have lifted the restrictions on their mail server, so hopefully AOL users will be able to subscribe to this newsletter again.

Intriguing shapes

A reader has pointed out an interesting shape in the landscape in the vicinity of Superstition Mountain in California. I've taken a snapshot from GoogleEarth and uploaded it to the crop circle research newsletter archive at along with a couple of other intriguing images I discovered over the border in Arizona to the east. I believe these are enormous irrigation systems, but none the less provide some interesting circular shapes when viewed from the air.

Enormous circle near Superstition Mountain
Enormous circle near Superstition Mountain

Circular designs in Arizona
Circular designs in Arizona

More Circular designs in Arizona
More Circular designs in Arizona

Lastly I included an example of GoogleEarth censorship in blacking out 'something' in the Alaskan mountains not too far from the controversial H.A.A.R.P facility....

GoogleEarth censorship?

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