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Newsletter - 30th March 2007

A weekly subscription newsletter dedicated to serious crop circle research

Crop Circle Research Newsletter - Friday 30th March 2007

Hello and welcome to the first crop circle newsletter of 2007.

I've recently revamped and updated the mail list server, so future mailings should find their way to you, although this 'announcement and news' list is low traffic, with periodic messages from me, giving news and information on the crop circle world and what's happening in it. More details at

Top news at the moment is David Kingston's 12th annual "Unexplained Mysteries" conference taking place on Sunday 15th April at "The Corn Exchange", Dorchester (Dorset, UK). This is always one of my favourite conferences of the year. Not only is it the first chance to see many familiar faces at the imminent start of a new crop circle season, but David always manages to find such fascinating speakers. This year will be no exception, so whiz over to the official web site at to find out more information and booking details.

Since last year I've also revamped Lucy Pringle's website so that visitors will hopefully find it easier to navigate and also 'cleaner' looking with a more uniform style to it. Her latest article, detailing the results of 2006 season research is also online at entitled "Weather Permitting". Plus of course, her world renowned crop circle photos can be viewed within her "online gallery" at

Over the past month I've also revamped a bit too. Nothing as drastic as previous years, because last years revamp put everything into a more logical and manageable format. However, I've redesigned the title bar and navigation system to make it easier to find information. As more content is added over the next few months, I shall add additional 'category' menus.

As always, the International Crop Circle Database is available at (or - both link to the same site). This section of the website receives the most feedback, so if you have any comments to make, either positive or negative, please feel free to contact me. Feedback is always welcome and helps me to improve the site.

I think 2007 will be a breakthrough year in terms of crop circle research. Although many people have predicted this in the past, I think things are building up to a strategic marker point in crop circle terms, so I look forward to concentrating on more in-depth research this year, and hope to bump into many of you out in the fields or at conferences.

Lastly, I'd like to give a quick plug for my sponsor Orpheus Internet Services, who host the server. If you want web hosting, broadband, dial-up or email services, then visit and see what they can offer you. You won't find better service in the UK - although I'm biased because I work for them! :-)

best wishes to everyone.

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