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Crop circle distribution patternsI've updated the distribution patterns of crop circles to include the 2002 season, as well as moving the text from the database page into a separate article.
Interesting articles around the webI've created a new section, giving links and references to interesting articles available on other websites. Please feel free to recommend one if you find something interesting.
That FBI icon.... A joke that backfired, by puzzling readers.
BBC Southampton being slow to add crop circle infoTwo weeks ago I was asked to be the BBC's crop circle 'expert' and answer questions on an interactive web site. I emailed my answers immediately, but they've still failed to appear on the BBC web site. Censorship or bad updating? In the interest of free speech, I've reproduced my original answers here.
Newcomers start here!Seen the movie Signs? Intrigued by the genuine research? Want to find out what crop circles are about? Paul Vigay provides a few good starting points to find out what's really happening in the fields.
2002 'Alien face' formation - further thoughts and analysisPaul Vigay expands on his ongoing analysis of the 'Alien face' formation.
Scientific Evidence and Current Research Projects

I am currently working on a number of personal research projects, which have grown out of the past 12 years of my own first-hand experiences from studying the crop circle mystery.
I started on my path of discovery back in 1989 and have since encountered many aspects of strange and anomalous phenomena. Initially I detected unexplainable electromagnetic effects in and around crop circles, but coming from a scientific and academic background I wanted to be sure of my findings - mainly to satisfy my own curiosity but also to help spread knowledge and information to others around the world who's only experience of crop circles might be the biased disinformation put out by the media.

Because hoaxers can't replicate some of the measurable electromagnetic effects we were detecting, and orthodox scientists are either uninterested or closed-minded to our results, I have been investigating the electromagnetic effects around crop circle sites for several years now.

However, due to discoveries we've made in the last few years, I have expanded my research projects to encompass a number of related subjects - such is the holistic nature of this puzzle. Research now encompasses Earth energy points (including ley lines and 'power spots') as well as sound and harmonics (something I was introduced to by the work of Gerald Hawkins - more later!).

Since I hope to extend my research topics in the future, I've decided to create a new, dedicated research rea on this web site. Please click on the banner graphic below, to enter the research section.

Resources, Information and Reference Material available on this site
Newcomers start here!Seen the movie Signs? Intrigued by the genuine research? Want to find out what crop circles are about? Paul Vigay provides a few good starting points to find out what's really happening in the fields.
The International Crop Circle DatabaseThe 'definitive' online catalogue of crop circles through the years. This is the worlds only fully interactive, searchable database of crop formations throughout history. Access is free.
The Enigma JournalThis is an A5 sized printed journal which comes out four times a year in order to publish results and theories on a variety of topics concerning crop circles, UFOs, spiritual awareness and associated topics. A few selected articles are re-published online for the benefit of internet visitors.
Guest BookIf you like this site, please leave a comment in our visitors book.
Mailing ListIf you would like to receive automatic notification of any new crop circle events or significant research, please send an email to with the subject Subscribe. This is a low-traffic list purely for me to send out periodic announcements of new crop circles and developments in the crop circle subject.
alt.paranormal.crop-circles Usenet NewsgroupA Usenet newsgroup for public discussion of crop circles and related phenomena. This newsgroup was created by IRCUP founder Paul Vigay and CropCircle Central founder Diahann Hughes back in 1995 and now gets a wide variety of people subscribing to it, giving all kinds of views on the subject.
Frequently Asked QuestionsA good start for newcomers to crop circle research. This article will provide a number of answers to the most popular questions asked about the crop circle subject.
OpinionsThis section contains articles and reviews by various crop circle researchers, based upon their own experiences and opinions. Most of these articles allow you to add your own comments and discussion.
Crop Circle ResearchersA biographical directory of prominant crop circle researchers. This listing will give you some background information on the various key researchers involved with the subject.
Clubs and SocietiesThis section contains information on clubs, societies and local groups around the world. If you run a non-profit making, informal group for people to share ideas or chat about unexplained phenomena, then advertise it here for free.
Books available on the subjectLibrary information and mini reviews on the various books and periodicals available. You can even order copies from our online bookstore.
Third party research projects
(although these fall outside my own research agenda, they are important to examine.)
BLT Team Inc ResearchA brief background into the BLT Research Team Inc. and links to the official BLT web site. Check here to find out about biological anomalies including cell mutations and soil sampling.
The Discovery of Thirteen Short-Lived Radionuclides in Soil Samples from an English Crop CircleResearch paper based on results from experiments carried out by Marshall Dudley and Michael Chorost, Duke University in 1991.
Millennium ResearchMillennium Research was founded in 1996 by Ed & Kris Sherwood. The purpose was to create a multi-media project, aimed at documenting and sharing their combined research into the crop circles and related phenomena.
'Matrix Numbers'A separate section, hosted by detailing research carried out by Michael Lawrence Morton into sacred site locations and dates.
Articles and Featured Papers
2002 'Alien face' formation - preliminary thoughtsPaul Vigay gives a brief summary of his initial thoughts and meanderings on the 'Alien face' formation of 2002.
80% Controversy, 20% MysteryPaul Vigay considers the implications of Colin Andrews statement that 80% of crop circles were likely hoaxes.
2001 Chilbolton "Arecibo Reply" analysisPaul Vigay writes a detailed analysis and description of the Chilbolton 'Arecibo' message formation and explains the original SETI transmission from 1974.
Cosmic Coincidence?More research from the 1995 Longwood Warren formation, including links with Hale Bopp comet.
Research Findingsin the 1995 Longwood Warren formation.
1997 Crop Circle Research reportCrop formations and comments from the 1997 season.
Olivers Castle VideoA technical analysis of the infamous video sequence showing balls of light flying above a crop formation as it was created.
Crop Circles: What is it all coming to?A spitirual look at crop circle history and where we've come.
BBC Country File programmeA critical review of the BBC Country File programme.
Losing sight of the GoalA philosophical look at crop circle research.
Military Harassment at circle siteLow flying helicopter harassment of researchers. Is this a matter of public health and safety?
Balls of Light seen in crop circleWitnessed in 1996 Cambridge formation.
Crop Circle AnomaliesThe 1995 Telegraph Hill formation.
Where's all the love gone?A personal look at crop circle research.
Hoaxing: The Final ChapterA definitive look at circle hoaxing.
Further research into the Bythorn formationA mathematical look at this controversial crop formation of 1993.
1994 Research notesA look at the 1994 crop circle season.
Crop WatchingA poem by Mavis Vigay
Barbury Castle, 1991 formation - A hoax!A tongue in cheek look at crop circle hoaxing.
Circular Dimensions (pt.1)Looking into parallel dimensions and concepts
Circular Dimensions (pt.2)A continuation of Paul Vigay's hyperdimensional theory.
Electro-Static Charge IndicationsOriginal research into RF anomalies in and around formations.
Surveys, Diagrams and Field Reports
Most diagrams are now stored as links within the main crop circle database.
The Future??

Because I'm personally totally convinced in a genuine phenomenon (despite hoaxers and the media trying to muddy the waters), I will continue my research indefinitely, driven by a passionate desire to look for knowledge and answers to today's unanswered questions.

I also strongly believe that all 'paranormal' events are actually parts of a huge 'cosmic jigsaw' and we are slowly piecing together the bits. Even my research into ghosts, ESP and life after death strike amazing parallels with my crop circle research.

In order for you to gain a bit more background on some of my theories, I've provided a few additional links below to some articles I've previously written for Enigma Journal.

The Keys to ConsciousnessA laymans peek into the world of quantum physics, ley lines, parallel dimensions and circular harmonics. Although this article covers a number of advanced topics, I've tried to write it in a way that is understandable to beginners and those not familiar with the topics being discussed.
Interesting Articles on other web sites

Occasionally people recommend or I stumble across interesting articles on other websites around the world. I've decided to add this little section in order to link directly to any worthwhile articles.

Please feel free to recommend any others though, and I will endeavour to add links to all the interesting ones.

The "Matrix" is a RealityAn interesting article discussing the plotline of the hit movie "The Matrix" (sequel due out in May 2003).