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Longwood Warren 'Solar System' Formation, 1995

by Paul Vigay | June 1995

[image r0004f.jpg]One formation, created during June 1995 at Longwood Warren in Hampshire (UK), has inspired a huge amount of research since it's appearance.

Research Topics

One of the leading exponents of Crop Circle Research, Colin Andrews of CPR International, together with Professor Gerald Hawkins were the first to discover interesting analogies between this formation and our own Solar System. The formation seemed to illustrate the inner planets of our solar system, with the notable exception of planet Earth.

Gerald Hawkins started to calculate planetary positions of the real planets in the Solar System to see if they would ever align to the positions indicated by the crop formation.

The first date he 'discovered' was September 1st 2033. Having studied some of Colin Andrew's data, I became more interested to do my own research into this formation. Not only did I want to try and verify Colin and Gerald's findings for myself, but I wondered if this alignment would be repeated for other years, and if so what the positions of the 'missing' planet Earth would be. Using a variety of computer applications I managed to re-create the view of our Solar System at the required times.

At this point I tend to disagree slightly with Colin's dates, for the reason I shall explain later. Rather than an alignment on 1st September 2033, my research indicates a preferred date of 31st August 2033, which is close but more significant in light of some other dates I subsequently discovered.

The diagrams below show five dates (two in the past) and three in the future, which seem to correlate to the planetary positions indicated by the crop formation. The significant thing about these dates is that they are all 24718 days apart. Some kind of cycle perhaps? Are the circle makers trying to hint at a date, a number?

Looking at my figures further, this corresponds to a cycle of 67 years, 8 months and 3 days. This is why I think the 31st August 2033 is slightly more significant than the 1st September, as it follows sequentially in the 24718 day cycle. I have checked a number of references, but can't find anything significant about this period of time. Perhaps any readers out there may be able to offer further information.

25th Apr 1898
25th April 1898
28th Dec 1965
28th December 1965
31st Aug 2033
31st August 2033
5th May 2101
5th May 2101

6th January 2169

These five dates seem to be the most important. If you examine the diagrams closely you also find that the first one and the last one tend to go slightly out of alignment. This indicates to me that the important date indicated is 31st August 2033. This is then bracketed by two dates either side - to point to the middle date.

I am making this preliminary research available to other researchers in the hopes that people can share information and perhaps spot significant points which I may have missed. Research into this formation is still ongoing, and I hope to share more information in the future.

I would also like to extend my thanks to Colin Andrews for inspiring me to research this fascinating formation.

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