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Enigma Issue 18: News Roundup

by Paul Vigay | Spring 1999

1999 Bilderberg Meeting

Word gets to me from my undercover sources overseas, of the details for this year's Bilderberg conference - to be held on Sintra, Portugal on June 3rd to June 6th.

Sintra is approx 45km northwest of Lisbon and the actual location is the Cfsar Park Penha Longa Hotel. Their telephone number is +351-1-9249011 (Fax: +351-1-9249007)

Another hotel being used is the Hotel Palacio at 2765 Estoril, Portugal. Tel. +351-1-4680400 (Fax: +351-1-4684867)

If I can obtain any agenda items from this top secret meeting, you can be sure to see them reported in the next issue.


It happened in 1992 but is only told now

Reported by Warren Aston UFO Researcher

Researcher Warren Aston has just released details of an amazing UFO cover-up attempted by U.S military personnel based at the Top-Secret underground Pine Gap base in Australia. Details have now been released of how two Australian policeman unwittingly foiled an attempt by two U.S military personal to cover-up UFO activity over the nearby town of Alice Springs.

Many Alice Springs residents reported fast-moving lights flying over the central Australian town on the evening of 26th November, 1996. Police were numbered among those making reports of the strangely manoeuvring lights.

At least one video of the object was captured by a policeman and is now undergoing analysis in the U.S. A little over an hour later that same evening, two policeman on patrol (who have requested anonymity) witnessed a number of hot-air balloons slowly bobbing over the town. At the same time a call came in asking them to investigate suspicious activity by a car on an isolated back road in the dessert east of the town. Suspecting a link with the balloons over the town, the two officers sped off and they quickly apprehended a station wagon full of plastic hot air balloons in various stages of construction, including one on the side of the road ready to be sent aloft.

The two men in the vehicle had North American accents and at first refused to answer questions, but when threatened with arrest they reluctantly produced ID cards identifying them as personnel from the massive super-secret Pine Gap facility located nearby. Under agreement between the Australian and US Governments, personnel at this American-run base are virtually immune from legal action. Eventually the men, claiming to be merely a geologist and an engineer, were allowed to drive off into the darkness, leaving behind many unanswered questions.

Why would staff from a secret American base in Australia be involved in setting off hot air balloons outside a nearby town? Clearly, they were attempting to confuse the UFO sightings made earlier that evening. Were they then going to claim that these reports were only hot air balloons?

And if so, as seems likely, WHY??. Pine Gap base, hidden in the remote and geologically stable Australian out back, has long been linked to covert U.S military/ Intelligence activity concerning recovered Alien craft and secretly developed military programs.

Among other things, in recent years Pine Gap has been linked with white disks seen flying from hidden access points on the base and with the beams of "energy" fired into space causing a fast moving UFO to reverse it's course in full view of the shuttle Discovery's cameras in 1991. This latest development will do nothing to quell the growing suspicion that PINE GAP is crucial, perhaps even central, to these covert efforts.

To find out more about Pine Gap. plug into Slider internet home page at

Rockefeller Funds Crop Circle Research

For once I can report positive things in the crop circle world. As I write this, I've just received news that Laurence Rockefeller, the 89 year old millionaire business man and philanthropist, is helping to fund crop circle research this year. Colin Andrews, the internationally respected crop circle researcher, made the announcement, which was met with positive comment from the World's media who seem to now acknowledge that after nearly 20 years of research there is still an ongoing mystery to the subject.

Perhaps this will help to enlist the support of academic scientists, whom until now have feared associating themselves with the subject in case of ridicule or withdrawal of funding and/or sponsorship.

Rockefeller is interested in all things spiritual and philosophical and I hope that his help will help find answers.

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