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Enigma Issue 16: Editorial

by Paul Vigay | 29th Jun 1998

Welcome to another bumper issue of Enigma. In fact, this issue is the thickest issue ever. I've made this edition a special 'Bilderberg' edition because I believe this requires public awareness and investigation, in order to ensure that the global 'One-World' Government does not become a reality.

Some people will be sceptical of claims made, and by the scenario painted by David Icke in his interview. However, as David says, we can take our freedom back at any time just by being aware of what is going on around us.

We are all global citizens and I believe that everyone has a right to question what is going on around them. If you don't believe what is written here, watch the news, do your own investigations, ask your own questions, even write to your own MP (assuming he's not a Bilderberger too!)

Next month I will publish some public records in my possession that prove that Tony Blair has lied on at least one occasion about his knowledge of the Bilderberg group. Unfortunately, I ran out of space in this issue, but you can be sure that future issues will bring you the hot news from around the world, not only paranormal, UFO and crop circle research, but also government coverups and conspiracies that I deem to be relevant to Enigma readers.

Indeed, by becoming aware of the 'bigger picture' going on in global politics, we may gain some insight into the various esoteric coverups going on in the UFO and crop circle subjects.

What if UFOs contained the key to 'free', or zero-point, energy? How would that affect Western Economies, relying so heavily as they do, on oil - and manipulating the prices at the pumps so as to keep people a slave to the economy rather than break free from it.

Never before in the history of mankind has so much damage been done to the environment around us. HAARP is capable of weather modification with unknown side effects (could reckless testing have amplified, or even created, El Nino?) Even now, the Monsanto Corporation is trying to sway public opinion that genetically modified foods are the way forward.

Next they'll be saying that UFOs don't exist and that it's actually a pretty neat idea to be micro-chipped.

Until next time, I hope everyone enjoys the crop circle season, and I will see you all at The Cereologist Conference in Andover (see back cover for details)

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