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Enigma Issue 14: Editorial

by Paul Vigay | 1st Aug 1997

Welcome to the 14th issue of Enigma, and another bumper issue which contains much information that I hope you will find interesting.

So far, 1997 has been a hectic year. The crop circle season got off to a slow, yet controversial start with many arguments and disinformation floating around. However, the season soon matured into one yielding interesting research, which will be published in issue 15.

One thing about crop circle research is that it seems to spawn high feelings and emotions in people. In a way this is good because it means people are opening their hearts, clearing some of their pre-conceived 'conditioning' and having new experiences, which always accompany change.

However, unfortunately ego often gets in the way. Some people seem to think they have a monopoly on crop circle research. As my good friend, and organiser of the hugely successful Cardiff Paranormal conferences, Kerry Blower says, "There are no experts". This is indeed true. No one has solved the mystery of the crop circles and no ones opinions are any better than anyone else's.

Each person should follow their own heart and trail of enlightenment. There is no wrong path because every path is lined with experience and adventure. As anyone who has read "The Celestine Prophecy" will know, we create our own reality and that everything that occurs in our lives can teach us valuable lessons.

The crop circles don't need guardians to wrap them in silk covers and protect them from the curses and disinformation spread by hoaxers and sceptics. We don't need a new religion to teach us what is already inside each and every one of us.

I have no problem speaking with hoaxers, or even discussing the possibility of hoaxing. Sure, some circles are hoaxed, but I still firmly believe in a genuine phenomena.

The people who perpetrate the notion that every crop circle is undeniably non-human in origin are building sand castles as the sea comes in, for they have most to lose, like the early church leaders when their faith was questioned. By allowing a share of scepticism we can actually build a stronger case for crop circles, and I am probably one of the firmest believers in non-human origins for many, but not all, crop circles.

I believe that if a genuine phenomena exists then it should stand up on it's own merits. It doesn't need guardians of the faith to protect it from ridicule and erosion.

The teachings of Jesus stand up on their own merits. No one will argue with his words of wisdom. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", is a worthy philosophy. The problem many people have with religion is not the 'genuine phenomena' of Christ, but the manipulation and persecution of anyone who dared to question the evidence, perpetuated by the church through the 2000 years since the wise ET made his comments.

Let us not turn crop circle research into the church of the middle ages, where anyone who dares to question the 'authority of the experts' is persecuted as uttering the words of the Devil.

There are no experts. Remember that!

The other major issue of research during the last few months has been the formulation and concepts of a harmonic resonance research project that I am going to undertake. This will attempt to piece together the various jigsaw pieces of the cosmic jigsaw and I hope will inspire research and ideas in others and together we can progress to the next level of consciousness.

After all, many people have been wanting more from the crop circles, more from UFO's and asking the question, "What next. We want more".

To this end, I believe the crop circles have served their purpose - to make people communicate not only with others but also with their higher selves. Sure, crop circles will no doubt continue, and every year new people will get introduced to the wonder and excitement of the subject.

However, those who have been investigating the subject for a few years now, I believe have probably received the 'calling' and have 'interpreted' the message and now want something more. Their appetite has been whetted.

I don't believe that these people actually need the crop circles anymore as they know intuitively, through personal experience, what a genuine circle is and what a hoaxed circle is. Perhaps we have come full circle - if you excuse the pun!

At the end of the day we are just looking at flattened crop. However, the message is eternal and crucial to our awakening consciousness. We don't need to investigate the crop anymore. We need to investigate ourselves.

I'm sure many people will understand what I am getting at. These editorials are a spot where I can ramble about thoughts which are inspiring me to continue investigating the unexplained and the unanswered.

Please feel free to contact me if you agree with what I write. Please also feel free to write if you disagree. I'm not an expert, I'm just sharing views, and as David Icke would say, "take on board what means something to you and discard what doesn't"

And may you have a happy voyage.

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