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Enigma Issue 12: Editorial

by Paul Vigay | 14th Feb 1997

Hello and welcome to 1997. It looks like we have a hectic and exciting year ahead of us. In fact, I believe that 1997 will be one of the turning points in the history of UFO research. Certainly public awareness has reached an all-time high and more and more high level public figures are speaking out about UFOs.

1997 is also the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash in New Mexico. Will the Government of the USA finally come clean about what really happened, now that the 50 year secrecy rule is up?

My belief, along with many others, is that the people still alive will either "not be able to remember anything" or blame it on those people who are no longer with us and claim to "know nothing".

The other major event to occur this year will be the arrival, and passing, of the comet Hale Bopp. In fact, this is the reason this issue is slightly late and also why I've held over the article on "Life on Mars" until the next issue - which should arrive on schedule in March.

There has been so much discussion on Hale Bopp and what it means for humanity that the arguments on the Internet rage continuously. Literally every day there is new information being released or discovered. This is going to be an ongoing investigation throughout future issues, but this issue I hope to give a concise update on what has really happened to date.

I had to take a 'snapshot' at this time, or this issue would never have come out at all - things are changing so rapidly. Of course by the time the next issue comes out, Hale Bopp will be reaching it's closest point to Earth and will be clearly visible to the naked eye.

I would also like to make a plea to any readers out there, who have read an interesting book recently. I want to include detailed book reviews in future issues, but I have so many books now, that I am unable to read them all whilst they are still new releases. If any readers would like to write book reviews, please contact me at the editorial address on the inside back cover.

Books I have which I will be reviewing in future issues are;

David Icke's new "I am Free, I am Me", which is an excellent account of how to become spiritually free and break away from the systems imposed by Governments.

Gregg Braden's Awakening to Zero Point, which explains the raising of consciousness, global harmonics and grids, parallel dimensions and other issues. This is an excellent book and I can thoroughly recommend it to all Enigma readers. I would class it as a must for any library.

Whitley Streiber's new book "The Secret School", which has just arrived from the US. This too looks like it will an interesting read - from the author of "Communion" and "Breakthrough".

"From Elsewhere: The Subculture of those who claim to be of Non-Earthly Origins", by Scott Mandelker. Although I have yet to read this book myself, I have heard nothing but good reviews of it and people keep telling me I must read it.

Patty Paul's, "A New Spirituality: Beyond Religion", again looks like an interesting book on the subject of cosmic awareness and the global raising of consciousness. Full review next issue.

If indeed you have recently read any of these books, or any others that you found interesting or stimulating, please write to me and share your thoughts with other Enigma readers.

After all, the original aim of Enigma was to share information and research with like-minded people.

Lastly, you may have noticed that the cover price of this issue has gone up to 2.00. Unfortunately I have had to do this to cover increased printing and postage costs. However, subscribers still only pay 8.00 per year, so effectively get free postage. I will keep the price to subscribers at this rate, in the hopes that casual readers may decide to subscribe, in which case I can better predict the print run and budget for selling a particular number. Please show Enigma to your friends and lets share information to make Enigma the best small circulation magazine around. As I am a dedicated researcher, you can be sure that the information I share with you will be bang up to date and thoroughly researched.

Observant readers may have also noticed that a new magazine by the name of.... "Enigma" has recently hit the news stands. This actually has no connection with The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena, but is none the less an excellent magazine and well worth a read. In fact, I recently wrote to Brian Clarke, the editor, to a) point out the existence of this Enigma and b) to congratulate him on a well researched magazine. He obviously has similar interests to myself, which are reflected in the content of the magazine.

Until issue 13, may I wish you well and keep your eyes on the sky.

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