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Enigma Issue 12: The Final Conspiracy

by Adam Whaley | Winter 1996/97

To my knowledge, no one has yet linked together the following three conspiracy theories. I'm going to stick my neck out and use them to construct a fourth whilst throwing in a handful of others for possible correlation also. Here goes....

Conspiracy Assumption 1
Human/Alien Genetic Hybrids

That as a result of genetic manipulation of our pre-historic ancestors by an alien race or races, mankind has been raised to a sentient species. However, perhaps due to a fundamental flaw in the 'experiment', our inherent gene for selfishness has continuously eclipsed our newly acquired intelligence. Perhaps this flaw was intentional, perhaps not, but that's another post for another day. Our intelligence has started a chain reaction of need verses desire because we cannot shrug off the basic evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest. Without our intelligence we would be quite happy on the level of hunter-gatherer. Maybe we should never have come down from the trees in the first place!

If the initial evolutionary pathway for all replicating organisms had taken the Altruistic (as opposed to the Selfish) route we wouldn't be in the mess that we are in today. It wouldn't feel much like being human because we would be falling over ourselves trying to do each other favours instead of trying to profit. I could get into a convoluted debate over semantics but it could be argued that 'altruism' is, in itself, a contradiction in terms. Think about the motives underlying altruistic behaviour and you will get the picture.

We take our competitive streak for granted but if instead, there existed an alternative inherent desire in our makeup to confer greater well-being in our fellow man (and woman) to the expense of ourselves, it would therefore follow that there could not be any wars, violence, nor any wanton destruction of our environment as any detrimental action done to others would have a direct and indirect reciprocal bearing on the well-being of the self. I can't help but be reminded of the saying by that famous alien hybrid - "do unto others as you would have done unto thee". That's only half way there to my mind, he should have said do MORE unto others etc...

Conspiracy Assumption 2

That our faulty in-built competitive nature has meant that we have steadily and insidiously increased the threshold of our acceptable satisfaction and now come to expect a standard of living that can no longer be ecologically sustained. The largesse of mankind has now brought the world to the edge of the abyss. The human race, and with it a great many animal and plant species, is already on an unavoidable course towards extinction in the relatively near future. The world's carrying capacity has been exceeded and the question of whether we will survive is not so much if, but when. Once criticality is reached it will only be a matter of time for a single event to lead to a collapse of the whole house of cards. Sooner or later there will be a rapid breakdown somewhere in the food chain leading to total economic and social collapse.

Conspiracy Assumption 3
New World Order

That the conventional New World Order theory is indeed a reality and that their plans for a one world government, one world army, one world currency and a global micro-chipped population linked to a central computer are actually true.


Linking the above three conspiracies creates an interesting picture. Given that the illuminati/elite have been fully aware of the impending ecological doomsday scenario for some time it would follow that a severe damage limitation exercise would need to be urgently implemented to avoid the otherwise apocalyptic inevitability.

Further, given the assumptions as stated above, there would be no option but to drastically and severely decrease the size of the world's population to more manageable and sustainable levels. A selective cull would be required. The conventional method of weeding-out the population - warfare - would these days exact too heavy a toll as it would now be far too devastating given today's weapons of mass destruction. 'Conventional' warfare would be far too slow and would not keep pace with the rapid rate of ecological decay anyway. The other previously used method of population control - economic recession - would be even slower and notably unwieldy on a practical level given the extreme instability of the progressive ecological decline. Other tried and failed methods such as biological and chemical warfare have proved unpredictable and would probably affect the food chain on a long-term basis leaving little of value for any humans left alive.


To exact a severe reduction of the population without undue property damage, ecological damage or excessive psychological aftershock, the illuminati/elite would need to engineer a perceived threat from a perceived enemy. The perceived antagonist would need to provide a credible means and a credible motive. Such an enemy could be an Alien Invader. The invader would exact a brief and intense annihilation of a sizeable proportion of our population. Some kind of death ray projected from an 'orbiting alien craft' would be most effective. It would be trained on our more populated cities with any organic life being vaporised to avoid the tiresome mopping up afterwards. For added convenience, only organic life would be destroyed leaving lots of goodies and lots of property and lots of space (and lots of potential profit from getting the whole machine going again).

Before, during and after any such conflict the placement of the New World Order aspirations would have to be, not only acceptable to the populace at large but, actively demanded. Of course, the whole conflict would be blamed on the nasty aliens who could, once the jobs completed, either back off or be seen to be zapped by the heroes of the hour - guess who! Everyone will be pleading for protection for this not to happen again, Don't forget - "when you've got someone by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow".


The prelude to such a revelation of a perceived alien enemy could be amplified by engineering an increasing series of UFO sightings. These could be achieved by the use of sophisticated satellite based holographic imaging techniques. The flight patterns of erratic movement would be as easy as waving a torch beam. Using interference frequencies, it would even be possible to induce UFO radar tracks not dissimilar to actual physical objects. 'Alien Abductions' would be created using covert microwave induced mind control programming. An ever-evolving series of increasingly complicated Crop Circles could also be easily constructed from orbiting satellites using microwave-type lasers.


By carefully orchestrating the dissemination of disinformation leading to a revelation that "Aliens Actually Exist", the governments would simply explain that they have been trying to evaluate the problem whilst protecting and insulating the people from potential panic. Meanwhile, we would be gradually softened up prior to such an revelation. When the time is right, an announcement would be made stating that aliens are real and that they are a potential threat. This would follow a series of minor revelations such as 'life on Mars', 'water on the moon', pyramid/sphinx 'impossibilities', increasingly plausible SETI signals (what other use would it have been?), and wait for it..., human genetic 'anomalies'. You would also expect to see a plethora of block buster cinema films, shelves full of magazines, dozens of new books every week and wall to wall E.T.-T.V.


To effect a doomsday annihilation, sophisticated weaponry would be required. This would have to be constructed and sited over a period of time having been financed using public and black budget funds under the guise of a 'Starwars' programme. This in turn would have been set up in response to a manufactured Cold War between superpowers which in turn would have been conveniently engineered to maximise reliance on the global arms industry. Once the necessary weapons systems were in place, the Cold War would be wound down to allow the opening up of a now-lucrative virgin trade conduit. Criticism would be made of the waste of money but no attempt would be made to dismantle known systems with such arguments as "no point in wasting more money, let it rot up there". Amateur astronomers would be giving strange reports of 'missing' satellites but these would be explained away as 'burn-outs'.


Few people can understand the minds of those in the upper echelons of the illuminati. Power is a powerful drug. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Games Theorists and Evolutionary Psychologists are fond of using standard evolutionary constructs to model programs that emulate our society. 'Cheat' genes (and I use the word 'gene' in an analogous sense) can be shown to infest a population corrupting other genes (memes if you prefer) which in turn corrupt other genes. This inevitably leads to system crash when available raw materials are exhausted. The only known stable strategy in a population containing any selfish genes is one of 'tit for tat' whereby equilibrium is attained by a very finely balanced combination of altruism on one hand and the fear of assured retaliation should anyone try and cheat on the other. However, due to natural errors in the program - negative mutations, it is only a matter of time before equilibrium is lost, the cheats multiply and the slippery slide into chaos commences. Sounds familiar? That, in a nutshell is what happened. There we were a huntin' and a gatherin', everything nicely held in check when along came E.T. and gave us sentence - bad move!

Due to our defective gene and the insidious disproportionate spread of this gene amongst the more powerful of the population, we can witness the rich becoming richer, the poor becoming poorer, the strong becoming stronger, and the weak becoming weaker. The rich and powerful will prey on the poor and weak in a macabre parasite/host relationship. The host does not even realise it is being sucked dry by the parasite but the parasite knows that it cannot survive without the host. It would not be in the interest of the parasite to inform the host of its addiction who is allowed the barest minimum of energy necessary for survival.

End Game

There is unfortunately no way of knowing the outcome of our predicament but it is probably extremely interesting for any aliens watching the final climax of their experiment. No doubt there are a great many alien species gathering for this momentous event. Perhaps some wish to intervene like fearful objectors at an illegal dog fight, some might be desperately trying to wake us up with garbled 'channelled' messages. I expect that most of them are as impassioned as we are when looking at bugs in a test tube. How will this game end? Will anyone intervene at the midnight hour if destruction is otherwise inevitable? Are they hoping we will discover our own solution in time? Or might they be much more interested in the ensuing emergence of a new civilisation after the crash?

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.
Do you own research, try and match the following correlations and draw your own conclusions. Me? - I'm putting together a survival package. If all this is true, there will be three months of sheer hell on earth when the s**t hits the fan so try and be prepared. I'll let you know the details of my survival strategy in another article, meanwhile - keep watching the skies (and the news).

Crop Circles (messages! - pull the other one)
TWA800 (just testing)
Flying Triangles (super stealth decoy)
Nick Pope and the Official Secrets Act (not)
Rockefeller funding of UFO research and gov't petitioner (oh yeah)
Marconi Scientists mysterious 'suicides' (what were they working on)
Project Haarp (global array for the final solution)
Alien Abductions (where's the real evidence)
AIDS and other 'emergent' diseases (nice try but too risky)
etc etc etc........

Last one out turn off the light. must go, running out of time.
Adam Whaley

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