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Enigma Issue 11: News Roundup

by Paul Vigay | Autymn 1996

UFO's in South Africa

by our South African correspondent

There haven't been many UFO sightings in South Africa in the past years. Then from 1994 to now there seems to have become an increase in the number of sightings, for instance the following stories will tell of sightings that have been made in the land of South Africa and of Stilbaai in the Cape.

The year of 1995 seems to have been the year for UFO watchers in South Africa, for the number of UFOs that have been spotted in South Africa.

There has never been so many UFO sightings in South Africa as it has been in 1995. A UFO sighting was made by a man who's identity is unknown to me right now. He was lucky enough to video tape the sighting. Then on April 19, 1995 a UFO was spotted after 9:00 p.m. in Stilbaai, just below the stars.

The first sighting

The first and most exciting sighting was made by a man who's identity is also unknown to me right now. He said that he noticed the strange object in the sky!

The object was in the form of an apple. He said that he quickly went to fetch his video camera and video taped the sighting. That was it, until one night a call came to the police that another man, his identity is also unavailable at the current time for me, complained that a UFO was above his house.

This was the story of the first UFO. This was surprisingly not the end of the sightings.

The Second Sighting

On April 19, 1995 a Mrs. Helene Steyn sighted a strange object just beneath the stars, this sighting occurred at 9:00 p.m. She then hurried to a neighbour, which with her saw through a pair of binoculars, an object which was shooting bright green, yellow and red out of the top and they say that the object moved slowly up and down and sideways. From the facts it was stated by another witness who also saw the object, that this sighting was the same as the one which got a couple of farmers talking in the past year.

The story gets more interesting! According to a Constable Felix Cupido of the local police who worked a nightshift, the object lived and that there was three of them. His story was the same as the others. A UFO sighter of the Cape, Mrs. Pam Puxley said that in the past months of 1995 the UFOs in space became more.

This was so far all of the sightings that was made in South Africa in the year of 1995! More reports will be documented as we receive them.

Man-Made Earthquakes

On the 10th October 1996 it was revealed on the 8am news on National BBC Radio 2, that the Soviet's have been using Earthquakes as a weapon.

By letting off underground nuclear bombs, it was claimed that they could create Earthquakes at a distant location. Apparently they started doing this in 1987. However sceptics claim that the energies involved in an earthquake are a lot more powerful than a nuclear bomb and such ideas are fanciful.

Terry Wogan replied after the news bulletin "Where did they find that story?
The Russian equivalent of The Sun?". The story was not repeated on further news bulletins throughout the day.

Hale-Bopp Update

Received anonymously via the Internet, so make of this what you will...
Received: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 19:45 GMT

Comet Hale - Bopp is 1000 times brighter than Halley's comet, and yet when first sighted had a huge tail. It was discovered in 1995, 20 months before it's closest approach to Earth. Chunks are now breaking off, yet this is happening too far away for gravity or thermal effects of the Sun to cause this. It will achieve stunning brilliance in Spring 1997 when it will become the brightest comet ever seen by man. The comet's orbit is precisely inclined 90 degrees to the Earth's orbit around the Sun and it's highest elevation is exactly 45 degrees.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. released clearer photos of the comet in mid August this year, taken by a 20 inch telescope. This was then removed and replaced with a 10 inch image - a much fuzzier image.

The comet will be seen in our daytime skies next year, and despite being the Astronomical event of the Century, not one photo taken by Hubble has been released to the public since October 1995.

Hale - Bopp is NOT a comet. It was artificially made by a civilization that has been visiting Earth for millions of years. NASA are also tracking a second artificial heavenly body circling the Sun. This object is 10 miles long. It passed close to the Sun without damage. NASA have designated this 1996PW. Ask them about it! See what they tell you!

In March 1996 Hubble photographed a floating City in space. Clinton, Gore and Pope J. Paul 2 WERE informed. This is NOT something kept to a select few because the implications cannot be kept secret for many months longer.

They are all planning on going underground, yet I have knowledge that this will be the worst place to be when the big events happen.


The beings who are arriving are not hostile. Why would they give you and I such warnings? Why not just attack? Don't believe your governments. Listen to your intuition. Seek your spiritual side so that you will be able to communicate and learn from your experiences. Read about Hopi Indian culture, Mayan prophecy and learn of the Kabalah.

Extraterrestrial Vehicle at Earth's Moon

CONTACT: Kacey Daukas
FAX: 510/798-1911

Los Altos Hills, CA: Dr. Norman Bergrun, of Bergrun Research & Engineering, has discovered extraterrestrial objects present at Earth's moon.

During the 31 hour, 31 minute stay on the moon Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad and Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean photographed an object on the distant horizon above the moon's surface on the Apollo 12 mission, according to Bergrun.

The object is cylindrical in appearance with a blue overhead streamer, and it also appears to have a yellow emission at one end. The object is believed to be the tip of a projection from a much larger cylindrically-shaped object.

The recently obtained (Sept. 96) Apollo 12 photography confirms an unpublished image of the Earth's moon photographed October 23, 1991, by Bergrun, wherein a large elongated object appears to hover above the moon. This object, resembling a cylindrical shape, had emissions and projections from its surface.

Apollo 12 was launched on November 14, 1969, and injected into lunar orbit on November 18. The lunar module landed on the moon on November 19 and returned to command module on November 20.

Dr. Bergrun is author of the book, Ringmakers of Saturn (1986), which exhibits aerodynamically fine elongated objects portrayed by NASA Voyager I images. He is also the author of the book, Tomorrow's Technology Today (1971), which reports a sighting of a cylindrically shaped extraterrestrial vehicle.

The National Space Science Data Center is acknowledged for making the Apollo images available and, in particular, Dr. Frederick Doyle, Dr. Richard Allenby, Jr., and Dr. Farouk El-Baz are acknowledged for the imaging data.

Respectfully submitted 13 October 96 as dictated by Dr. Bergrun
Beyond Boundaries Inc.
PO Box 250
Rainbow, TX 76077

UFO Sighting near Winchester, UK

The following report was submitted by an Enigma reader.

An incident happened in August 1984, when I lived in another part of Winchester (St Martins Close, near Highcliff). At about midnight there was an incredible high pitched, electronic sort of noise which seemed to go higher and higher without actually reaching any plateau. I went outside and the telegraph poles were humming and there was an incredible 'electric' feeling. I woke my son up (who was about 13 at the time) and he witnessed it too. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a light flashing on and off in the distance over a field.

The flashing seemed to correspond to the noise which dropped as the light flashed more slowly until both the noise and the light ceased altogether. I went to the Winchester Chronicle office the next day and was told that the police had had a number of calls from all over the area who put it down to some kind of farm warning system. I was unconvinced and that evening my three children and I with three of their friends walked to where I thought the light had been.

We didn't find anything and in fact got completely lost and ended up at a remote farmhouse where we phoned for a taxi. The taxi driver was a bit perplexed at what such a strange group of people were doing dressed in light summer clothes and sandals in the freezing weather and pouring rain (it had been very warm when we set out). We told him we what had happened the night before and that we had been looking for some sort of tangible evidence. I thought he would think we were completely nuts. Instead, he told us that we were looking in the wrong place and there was a circle about two miles in the opposite direction. This would have been where I had seen the light but, as my sense of direction is appalling, we had taken the wrong track. I wasn't in the mood by this time to go looking for it but it amused me to think that, far from being thought odd at best, and mad at worst, the whole concept of alien activity was quite normal and acceptable.

I'm convinced that, along with many other earth changes that are coming up, UFO sightings are going to become more frequent. Living in London is a big drawback as I don't think much UFO activity will happen here.

I run a small home circle for spiritual development and we have started getting through small predictions which have been fulfilled. If you are interested, I'll pass these on to you.
Name and address supplied

Buzz's Encounter with Science Fiction

Book Review: Encounter with Tiber, by Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes
Warner Books, 1996, hardcover, 560pp., illus.
ISBN 0-446-51854-9, US$21.95/C$26.95

Without reading one page of Encounter with Tiber, you know that this book will sell a lot of copies simply on the basis of the first author's name. What sort of drama can Buzz Aldrin, who can call upon decades of technical expertise and experience, weave along with science fiction author John Barnes? The result is an intriguing story full of interesting concepts, many of which will look familiar to readers, but falls short in many aspects of plot and narrative.

In the early years of the next century, only a few years from now, the American space program is slowly growing. After the shuttle Endeavour crashes in the Atlantic in a launch abort, the U.S. is forced to become more innovate in its efforts to maintain its presence in space to keep up with other countries, in particular China, which has emerged as America's (and Europe's, Russia's, and Japan's) adversarial superpower.

This development receives an unexpected jolt when scientists, including astronauts on the International Space Station, discover a signal coming from Alpha Centauri. Decoded, it reveals that aliens visited the solar system thousands of years ago, and points to settlements they left on the Moon and Mars. The race is then quickly underway to find these settlements and look for repositories of knowledge left behind that may provide humankind with the key to the stars.

Aldrin and Barnes lace a number of interesting, even provocative scientific and engineering ideas into the novel. Those who have followed many of the proposals for spacecraft to reach orbit, the Moon, and Mars, will see versions of these presented here (including Aldrin's own idea for "cycler" spacecraft to travel from Earth to Mars and back repeatedly: one of the cyclers in the novel is immodestly but appropriately named "Aldrin"). It's great to see these ideas reach a wider audience this book will have, provided readers don't simply dismiss these as mere fictional concepts.

Unfortunately, great engineering ideas alone do not make a great science fiction, or any other kind, of novel. Aldrin and Barnes get carried away with introducing new spacecraft or technologies, and will spend several pages describing them. After going through the whole description (which in many cases includes technical illustrations, unusual for a novel but appropriate here) the reader is left wondering, "Now just where were we?" The plot is often lost in the midst of these technical descriptions. Some authors, like Tom Clancy, can get away with this because the latter part of his novels feature non-stop, can't-put-this-book-down action and suspense which is often set up by the technical descriptions earlier in the book. This is not the case here, however.

The plot itself is also disappointing, with a number of problems. In the first thirty pages of the novel, we find the authors have completely scrambled the method of naming discovered asteroids, misspelled the name of a major science and engineering school (which happens to be the reviewer's alma mater!) and opened a plot hole by describing a television camera crew filming the splashdown of the Endeavour -- while noting a few pages before the shuttle was ditching into the Atlantic Ocean at night. Other problems, not necessarily as major, appear elsewhere in the novel.

There are also problems with characters in the novel. Some characters hyped up as major players, like Sig Jarlsbourg, the entrepreneur seeking to promote space tourism and colonization, play only a minor role in the novel, mostly to help develop the major players. The Tiberians themselves, whose account of their presence on Earth nearly 10,000 years ago takes up a major portion of the novel, turn out to be disappointingly humanlike. Replace their names and anatomical descriptions with human ones and in most cases they will seem convincingly human.

As stated at the beginning of the review, this book will succeed based in large part on the author himself. Those looking for a novel packed with lots of good speculative ideas on future spacecraft and science will also find Encounter with Tiber rewarding. However, if you're looking for a well-paced novel with an intriguing plot and interesting characters, Encounter with Tiber will sadly disappoint.

Crop Circle Coincidence?

Subject: Jackson Township, Paulding Co., Ohio Crop Circle
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 12:17:54 -0400

The following report was sent in via The Internet:-

Just wanted to make an observation for your records - not to cast any doubt. Two days before the crop circle was reported at Jackson township, Paulding Co., OH., there was a special program on PBS (Public Broadcasting) TV about crop circles -- mostly concerning circles in England. Thought you might find this coincidental.

A thought which cannot be dismissed - Ed.


The following article was found in the Electronic Telegraph on 1 September 1996

SCIENTISTS in Finland are about to reveal details of the world's first anti-gravity device. Measuring about 12in across, the device is said to reduce significantly the weight of anything suspended over it.

The claim - which has been rigorously examined by scientists, and is due to appear in a physics journal next month - could spark a technological revolution. By combating gravity, the most ubiquitous force in the universe, everything from transport to power generation could be transformed.

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that Nasa, the American space agency, is taking the claims seriously, and is funding research into how the anti-gravity effect could be turned into a means of flight. The researchers at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, who discovered the effect, say it could form the heart of a new power source, in which it is used to drive fluids past electricity-generating turbines.

Other uses seem limited only by the imagination:
Lifts in buildings could be replaced by devices built into the ground. People wanting to go up would simply activate the anti-gravity device - making themselves weightless - and with a gentle push ascend to the floor they want. Space-travel would become routine, as all the expense and danger of rocket technology is geared towards combating the Earth's gravitation pull.

By using the devices to raise fluids against gravity, and then conventional gravity to pull them back to earth against electricity-generating turbines, the devices could also revolutionise power generation.

According to Dr Eugene Podkletnov, who led the research, the discovery was accidental. It emerged during routine work on so-called "superconductivity", the ability of some materials to lose their electrical resistance at very low temperatures. The team was carrying out tests on a rapidly spinning disc of superconducting ceramic suspended in the magnetic field of three electric coils, all enclosed in a low-temperature vessel called a cryostat.

"One of my friends came in and he was smoking his pipe," Dr Podkletnov said. "He put some smoke over the cryostat and we saw that the smoke was going to the ceiling all the time. It was amazing - we couldn't explain it."

Tests showed a small drop in the weight of objects placed over the device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity - an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. "We thought it might be a mistake," Dr Podkletnov said, "but we have taken every precaution". Yet the bizarre effects persisted. The team found that even the air pressure vertically above the device dropped slightly, with the effect detectable directly above the device on every floor of the laboratory.

In recent years, many so-called "anti-gravity" devices have been put forward by both amateur and professional scientists, and all have been scorned by the establishment. What makes this latest claim different is that it has survived intense scrutiny by sceptical, independent experts, and has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Physics-D: Applied Physics, published by Britain's Institute of Physics.

Even so, most scientists will not feel comfortable with the idea of anti-gravity until other teams repeat the experiments. Some scientists suspect the anti-gravity effect is a long-sought side-effect of Einstein's general theory of relativity, by which spinning objects can distort gravity. Until now it was thought the effect would be far too small to measure in the laboratory.

However, Dr Ning Li, a senior research scientist at the University of Alabama, said that the atoms inside superconductors may magnify the effect enormously. Her research is funded by Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Centre at Huntsville, Alabama, and Whitt Brantley, the chief of Advanced Concepts Office there, said: "We're taking a look at it, because if we don't, we'll never know."

The Finnish team is already expanding its programme, to see if it can amplify the anti-gravity effect. In its latest experiments, the team has measured a two per cent drop in the weight of objects suspended over the device - and double that if one device is suspended over another. If the team can increase the effect substantially, the commercial implications are enormous.

Possible Suppression of the previous News Report

Enigma readers can rest assured that nothing published in Enigma is suppressed or censored. -Ed.

This is an interesting follow up to the previous report on Anti Gravity research. Is there no end to the cover-ups.....

WHY... That is what I would like to know.

Journalists from the English newspaper the Sunday Telegraph following up the Anti-Gravity experiments have discovered that key people (including one of the authors of the original report) at the Finnish research institute are distancing themselves from the project. The paper that was due to be published in the physics journal 'JPhysD' has been withdrawn by the Authors.

for more on the phenomenon checkout:

Quoted from Robert Matthews' email to Jack Sarfatti.
What follows is a summary of my conversations on Friday 6/9/96 with the various parties involved in the anti-gravity claims, on which Ian Sample and I reported in the Sunday Telegraph on 1/9/96. It's rather terse, but it's been a long day.....

1. Following the posting of the statement from Prof Tuomo Tiainen of Tampere U Inst of Materials Science disclaiming any knowledge or involvement in the anti-gravity research, I contacted the Institute of Physics in London and the offices of J Phys D in IoP Publishing in Bristol to find out their reaction. Neither were aware of any problems about the paper, scheduled to appear in the October issue of the journal, and were taken aback by the reaction of Tampere. Richard Palmer, Managing Editor of J Phys D said he would investigate matters further (of which more below)

2. Following the statement by Petri Vuorinen, whose name appears on the paper as co-author, disclaiming any involvement, I faxed a set of questions to Dr Eugene Podkletnov (lead author) asking for an explanation. While waiting for a response of the paper, I contacted PV, whose immediate reaction was to insist that I talk to Prof Tiainen, who was apparently fielding all inquiries. However, PV did say that he had worked with EP some years ago, but had no idea why his name had appeared on the paper as co-author on this latest paper. He was anxious to distance himself from the research.

3. EP then responded to my fax by telephone. He said that the denial of any (recent) involvement by Tampere stemmed from the fact that (a) the key experiments were indeed done some years ago, in 1992; (b) that Prof Tiainen has only been director of the Institute for four months, and was not in a position to know about the experiments before then. EP insisted that the results stated in the forthcoming paper are reliable and genuine, and that Tampere has full knowledge, with a (Finnish?) patent being applied for in its name. (I wasn't able to confirm this latter point in the time available). On the matter of PV's denial of all involvement in the paper, and mystification of his involvement, EP insisted that there must have been some mix-up over names at Tampere, and that there must be a second Petri Vuorinen working on superconductivity at the Institute, and that the one involved in anti-gravity was now working in Japan. When challenged on the sheer implausibility of this, EP said that the name was a common one in Finland. He finished by saying that he did not want to cause any trouble with Tampere, with which he appears to still have some relationship (Tampere's statement says he no longer works there; however, one researcher said he had seen EP visiting the Institute last week; the discrepancy may revolve on the question of full-time salaried staff and others like EP who appear to be on more informal arrangements - see below).

4. I went back to PV, putting to him EP's claim that there must be two researchers with the same name. PV said there are only about 60 people in the Institute, and that he was sure he would know if there was another researcher with the same name there. He added that he had indeed been in Japan - three years ago. He ended by saying that he hoped the controversy did not damage relationships between Finnish institutes and the British academic journals. Later I discovered that there is indeed another PV - Petri Vuoristo - at the Institute, but he denied all involvement in the research too.

5. Prof Tiainen responded to a call placed AM, and began by repeating the original statement denying any involvement - except some years ago - in anti-gravity research. He re-iterated that he did not have any views on whether the claims being made in the forthcoming JPhysD were valid or not (he said he was not qualified to do so). He added, however, that "We don't want to get the credit for the result if it is good or bad". He said that EP had done good work at Tampere on thin films and S/conductivity, and that EP still came into the university, but had no official position.TT said: "I was completely surprised when I learnt these things were going on". He finished by saying that "If this turns out bad" he would consider banning EP from the Institute. He said that there had been claims that part of the work was funded by the Finnish military, but denied that this was the case.

6. I then contacted the editorial offices of JPhys D again, and was told by Richard Palmer, managing editor, that he had been contacted by TT. In the light of the conversation, RP said he and his staff were looking at the paper again, and had not ruled out the possibility of holding the paper out of the journal until EP had been contacted for clarification of various issues. Among these was the fact that documents relating to the paper's publication carry the signature of PV - who denies involvement in the research.

7. Despite repeated requests, the IoP head office did not issue a position statement during the day.

8. MONDAY 9 September: Dr Podkletnov has today contacted the IoP editorial offices, and requested that his paper be withdrawn from publication in JPhysD next month. His request has been accepted, and the IoP is taking no further action on this matter.
Robert Matthews, Science Correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph

Anomalous Images and UFO Files can be found at

Errol Bruce-Knapp (
UFO UpDates - Toronto - 416-932-0031
An E-Mail Subscription Service for Serious Students of UFO-Related Phenomena

Avebury Conspiracy?

An Enigma Editorial

Some months ago, readers may recall that some of the Avebury Avenue standing stones were vandalised by having white paint sprayed over them, depicting various unknown symbols. It was rumoured that this was the work of drunken New Age vandals, but I tend to disagree. New Age worshippers were the ones most dismayed at this act of wanton damage. In fact, to accuse New Agers of the vandalism is a bit like accusing a priest of vandalising his own church.

However, rumour has come my way of a possible Government scheme to cordon off the stones in a similar act of restraint as they've done at nearby Stonehenge. What better way of 'Problem. Reaction. Solution', as David Icke would say, than for the government to arrange for the 'vandalism', then spend a large amount of money and publicity in cleansing them, before possibly having them vandalised again, as I predict will happen, then suggesting that they cannot afford to keep cleaning them. They will thus publicise the fact that a national monument has been desecrated and the public will demand they do something.

In an act of goodwill, the Government will then suggest fencing in the stones, possibly even moving some of them into the original circle and charging for access, so that correct security can be exercised.

This would be an ideal way for the Government, fearful of the growing New Age movement, to restrict any possible energies from growing in the Avebury area. After all, the last thing the Government want is for people to think for themselves and control their own futures. The Government must be stopped from any restrictive action being taken in the Avebury area - especially as the energies appear to be expanding at the current time.

Of course, this may be just me being paranoid, but I believe that prevention is better than cure and I would like to point out the possibility of such an outrageous action so that Enigma readers are aware of possible outcomes and ready for action.

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