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Enigma Issue 11: New Energy Devices

by James Gregory | Summer 1996

STOP PRESS: 5th Jan 2005

I've just received some email communication that some of the items on this page may be a scam. I've not had the chance to check them out myself, but offer the following two links to add to the story; and

A number of new energy devices have recently appeared on the market whose inventors make the incredible claim of virtual energy independence. We review and compare three of those devices here.

Lee/Fisher Energy Machine

Dennis Lee came to his energy machine by way of inventing a heat pump that ran on solar energy. He claims that it was the "world's most efficient heating/cooling system" and within 18 months, his company, CONSERVE CORP., was worth $50 million.

In 1986, based on that technology and on a vivid dream that gave him detailed technical specs, he invented a low temperature phase change machine -- a heat pump which extracted heat out of the air and generated electricity.

In 1987, he met Dr. Victor Fisher who had invented the Fisher Heat Engine, which he claimed "was the most efficient heat engine in the world." A marriage was inevitable, and the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine was the result. Lee claims that this device will generate a kilowatt hour of electricity for two cents.

On June 12, 1988 Lee received a patent for the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine, and on June 23, 1988, he was thrown in jail in Los Angeles because he had violated a civil code against making free electricity. The charges were eventually dismissed. Now, representing his new company, BETTER WORLD TECHNOLOGY, he tours the U.S. giving free demonstrations of his Lee/Fisher Energy Machine and related inventions such as a noiseless jack hammer, a welding machine that uses water, and a car that runs with no battery, gasoline, or exhaust system. His device won the INVENTORS HALL OF FAME's "Most Advanced Energy Technology" Award.

For more information about the Lee/Fisher Energy Machine write to:

3002 Rt. 23 N
Newfoundland, NJ, 07435

Newman Motor/Generator

The theories of Joseph Newman are based on a mechanical explanation of the phenomena of magnetism and the principle of "action at a distance" allowing his device to harness such mechanical motion. Newman describes the fundamental mechanical essence of a magnetic field as a particle having a gyroscopic spin, which is fundamental to an understanding of the mechanical nature of electromagnetism.

Over the years, Newman has constructed many operational prototypes of his energy device ranging in size from 4 pounds to 7.5 tons. He claims that with his energy machine, every consumer would make a one-time purchase of a unit, install it in their backyard, and virtually unplug themselves from local utility companies. The energy machine could also be utilized to power all air, land, and sea vehicles and would eliminate the polluting internal combustion engine. In addition, Newman claims his energy machine is more efficient than conventional nuclear energy and does not produce harmful radiation. Newman claims that this new electromagnetic technology will totally decentralize public access to energy and will have a profound socio-economic impact upon civilization.

For more information:
Newman Energy Products
P.O. Box 57684
New Orleans, LA 70157
Phone: (504) 524-3063

Related Internet Web site:
Joseph Newman Energy Machine:

Quantadyne PETA Power System

In 1995, Quantadyne created a hafnium oxide bismuth telluride thermoelectric module that produced electricity by use of the Fermi Effect at a rate of 15.5 watts per 200 Delta T F (a measure of temperature difference) and 2 watts per gram -- the world's first post-event thermal amplification generation system.

Quantadyne's brand name for this new technology is "PETA Power". Quantadyne plans to begin mass producing their energy chip once they raise the necessary capital.

The energy chips will not be sold individually; instead, Quantadyne plans to sell them as integrated components of their PETA Power systems. A PETA Power system generates electricity by recycling waste heat through a sequential process by amplifying a six degree temperature difference into a much larger temperature difference.

Quantadyne's first market effort will be to retrofit existing power plant systems to make them more efficient. The second market that Quantadyne will actively pursue is the domestic electrical generation market. Quantadyne intends to build a household unit called the PETA Power Energy Center that combines heating, air purification, air conditioning, hot water heating, and electrical generation into one system using propane or natural gas as the primary energy source.

Quantadyne's third market will be a series of small PETA power generators designed for Third World use. Quantadyne claims that they maintain a showroom where they exhibit working prototypes and demonstrate "how fuel can be turned into electricity with no moving parts." When, however, NHNE called to talk to someone in person about their products and possibly arrange a visit, an answering machine greeted us, offering to send material. Something they call "corporate sponsorship and strategic alliance development" will be the next phase of their corporate business strategy prior to the company going public.

For more information contact:
Phone: (800) 778-0764

How should we view these incredible claims of cheap energy? Hard to say at this juncture. If hoaxes, they will come to nothing; if legitimate, inventions of this magnitude will not stay under wraps for long, despite vigorous behind-the-scenes machinations of a threatened energy industry.
Time will tell... soon.

(Sources: Diana and Kenneth Burke, LEADING EDGE, Sept-Oct/96; Bill Dewey, Dewey Research Center; Alternative energy Web sites)

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