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Enigma Issue 8: Readers Letters

A selection of correspondence sent in by Enigma Subscribers | Spring 1996

The Evils of Religion...

I read your essay on the evils of the 'Christian' church, however please understand that by using the term 'Christian' you are in essence referring to a church that follows Christ or is sanctioned by Him. I believe that the proper term should be ROMAN church or the MASONIC church.

The ROMAN church was formerly known as the Holy Roman Empire, and before that the Roman Empire. They got smart and decided that religious passions and economic structures could be a far more effective means of control than mere military politics. So it is in Rome.
The same holds true with the Masons of London, the Royal Family, etc. Like the Roman Church, they also call themselves 'Christian', but this is a blasphemous lie because Jesus himself was the most vocal enemy of tyranny in history. The "religionists" of his day (the Pharisees who stood between men and God and used that as a pretence for power and control) killed Jesus because He advocated a simple spiritual relationship between every individual and God minus the political, economic, clergical and litergical confusion that "organized religion" brings with it.

When the antichrist comes he will unite all world religions into a universal "christian" church (You should study the role that the Scottish Rite of Masonry plays in uniting all religions under central control. It is interesting that the Scottish Rite was created at the JESUIT college of Clermont in France on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire, yet it is the dominant rite in Masonry, which is based in London. So the false ROMAN 'christianity' of Rome and the false MASONIC 'christianity' of London are working together via the Scottish Rite).
The "one-world-church" will be "Christian" in name only and it will be one of the worst tyrannies ever. Nevertheless one should not throw the baby out with the bathwater, or condemn the teachings of Jesus because evil men are twisting his teachings to enslave the masses. I hope that this clears up some things in regards to the difference between "christianity" and "CHRIST-ianity".
Anonymous, via The Internet

Balls of Light

Dear Paul,
I have been quite reluctant to write this message, maybe because I do not want to know the answers to some of the things I do not understand.

I have only told two people what I will write here, and one of them is a member of my immediate family. It is the reason behind my choosing this subject, but up until now it had really been nothing more than a curiosity. I really put the incident out of my mind as 'just one of those things', but was prompted to email the details to you after I read about a similar incident in issue one of Enigma that you kindly sent me.

About March/April 1995, (at the time, although it was a very strange event, I did not think to take much notice of the exact date, although I do know it was very early on a Friday morning), I was driving down the A12 between the M25 intersection and the turn-off for Ingatestone (the B1002).

It was about 2.30am, and so I was the only one about on the road at the time. About half way down that stretch of road (which is very long and straight), I encountered a road maintenance vehicle that was putting cones on the carriageway. I checked all around me, over my shoulders and in my mirrors and then, when I knew there was definitely nothing behind me, pulled into the fast lane to go around the vehicle. At this point, I would estimate I could see about half a mile down the road behind me at which point the carriage way disappeared over the crest of a hill.

When I had pulled into the fast lane, I looked in my rear view mirror, and saw what looked like the headlamp of a motorbike very close behind my car. It was also in my wing mirror on the driver's side of the car. I do not recall if it was in the other wing mirror or not. I was very surprised at this as I knew that there had been nothing behind me for as far as I could see just a second ago.

It kept up with me for a short distance but I do not remember anything after that until about maybe five or ten minutes later (although it could have been more - I really don't know) when I was near my junction. I do not know what happened to the light, although it did follow me at a constant speed of around 60mph whilst I was still aware of things, and I have no idea what happened to the maintenance vehicle. I do not know what happened between the point that I saw the light and I was at my junction.

This bears a striking resemblance to the sighting you reported in Enigma at Honey Street, Wiltshire on 23 August 1992. Although you say that the 'headlamp' you saw was 12-18 inches off the ground, I could not say how far above ground the one I saw was as I only saw it in my rear view and driver's side wing mirror.

I do not believe (or know if) I have been abducted or anything, and would NOT really want to find out. I thought that I had been the only person to have witnessed such an event. I considered posting it on alt.paranet.alien but then decided not to. I may do in the future - just out of curiosity to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

The more I learn about these things, the less I like to talk about my own personal experience.

The reason I told you is that I thought you might be interested to hear about it if you keep a record of these sightings (as I see you have a form on the back of your magazine). I could fill this in and return it if you like, although I could not describe any sort of craft or anything - all I saw was a very fast, very bright light.
Name supplied, but withheld to protect confidentiality.

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