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Enigma Issue 6: Crop Circles - Is There a Meaning?

by an Enigma subscriber | Spring 1995

There is much controversy nowadays about the authenticity of the crop circles. Many appear to be hoaxed and no one is sure who the circle-makers are or of their motives. It is strange that the idea of hoaxing crop circles has not begun to pall for more rewarding pursuits.

Changing Times

Gone are the magical days of the early crop circles which had an undeniable air of mystery about them. One would search the countryside for them then enter the chosen field to stand in awe at the symmetrical beauty and precision of the laid crop. Feeling a sense of the unknown and of reverence, one would think that there must be more in the world after all than the purely material things. Science could not explain the circles away. Many theories were put forward but none was found to be satisfactory and so the mystery remained, reaching the media and attracting many people with this new wonder of the world.

Crop circles have affected me profoundly. I was drawn to an interest in them in about 1989, but did not go to see any until 1990, the year of the first pictograms. I shall never forget my first search for them.

One evening in July 1990, my husband and I, with our daughter and her friend, went for a drive in the car in the Winchester direction as we had heard that this was a likely area to find crop circles.
All the way from Horndean we had our eyes on the corn fields hoping to see one of these enigmatic features of the land. Suddenly, when we were near to Cheesefoot Head, we saw a simple circle on a slope beyond a wooded area. In excitement we parked the car in a suitable place beside the road, then walked in the direction of the circle. It was further away than we had anticipated and after clambering between trees and through undergrowth down a slope and up another we came to the wheat field bounded by a high tight barbed wire fence. This bore a notice indicating that it was Ministry of Defence land and we were to keep out. By this time the crop circle could not be seen, as being on a level with it we could not see beyond the standing stalks. We could find no way into the field without tearing ourselves to pieces on the wire, and even so, there was no guarantee that we would find the position of the circle. Greatly disappointed, we reluctantly turned away and retraced our footsteps back to the car, where on higher ground again we could see it tantalisingly prominent in the distance.

Fading Light

By this time the light was fading. We drove on for a short way and going down a hill saw before us on the left a formation consisting of two circles joined by a path with a rectangular box on either side below the furthermost partly ringed circle. Thrilled at the sight before us we parked the car again and found a path edging the wheat field which led towards the crop circle pictogram. Then walking along tram lines we came to it. We noticed the perfect swirl of the flattened crop and the undisturbed 'boxes' with no marks leading to them. We sat in the centre of the furthermost circle feeling awed and mystified and very privileged to be there. I touched the flattened wheat, the stems and ears undamaged yet pressed tightly to the ground and I wondered what power had done this thing. I craved to know the secret and thus my fascination with crop circles began. Since then I have been inside several, two of which had the effect of making me ill.

Asking Questions

Initially, crop circles made one ask questions. How did they form? Who or what made them? What was the reason for them? Are they telling us something? If so, what is the message? Realising that humanity is polluting the world and putting the planet in danger many people saw the message to be one concerning the environment. The conscience was touched and many people became more aware of the problems facing the planet and the need to feel close to the earth.

Green Messages

I have always loved nature and for me the message went straight home. I became even 'greener' in my outlook than I was before. I found myself carefully carrying a tiny spider or insect into the garden and laying it gently on a leaf, or even leaving a thin cobweb with a small spider in it in the corner of a room. I started considering which things were 'environmentally friendly' for purchase and gave up eating meat.

Personal Changes

Looking back over the last five years from when I went into my first crop circle I realise how much I have changed. I am deeply concerned about the plight of endangered animal and plant species and the destruction of habitats, about pollution and the future of humanity. I feel that I am at last on a spiritual path which was once blocked by nettles and brambles. I am still not sure of the way or what diversions I may come across but I feel that even in the dark I am being led somewhere. I have recently become interested in Esoteric Healing and this has opened my eyes further to spiritual reality.

Surely nothing but 'genuine' circles, i.e. those not made by human beings could have such a life-changing quality!

Positivity from Negativity

What if all crop circles could be proved to have been hoaxed! I should still think that in some way the awareness and message of a greater being has come to us by means of certain people compelled to create crop patterns. Unconsciously they would have been directed to a far greater end than just to play games with the researchers and cause them to waste their time. Something seems to be happening to the consciousness of the people on this planet. Perhaps we are being prepared for a major event.

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