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Enigma Issue 5: News Roundup

by Paul Vigay | Spring 1995

Reg Presley, lead singer with the pop group 'The Troggs', may well have discovered the find of the century; An ex-USAF photographer has shown him some ten reels of film dating back to the 1940's, some allegedly showing an autopsy being carried out on alien bodies recovered from the Roswell crash site. If this film is authenticated, it will certainly reveal a government cover-up of monumental proportions, lasting some 48 years. As I write a number of TV companies around the world have already expressed an interest in the films and are currently talking large sums of money to obtain the rights.

Internet users: For some interesting NASA pictures, including some of UFOs, try the following anonymous FTP sites: - Lots of stuff, including aliens of all colours and UFO pictures. - Online copies of what appears to be all NASA CD-ROMS and images from most (all?) space missions since Apollo. - Seems to be a popular (and hence slow) place to get many NASA and Voyager data files.

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