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Enigma Issue 5: CSETI Fieldwork Report 1994

by Ron Russell and Sharon Adamiak | Jan 1995

This fascinating report comes from Enigma subscriber Ron Russell, who spent a lot of the 1994 season carrying out some very interesting work with the help of his CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) companions.

Although the report sounds incredible, I have since spoken to a few other people who have also verified the witness accounts.

Dowsing Energy Fields

Late in 1994, Ron and his fellow CSETI member, Sharon Adamiak met up with Joachim Koch and Hans-Jurgen Kyborg - two Germans who had previously gained some experience and insight into dowsing energy fields.

This is different to dowsing water, ley lines or energy locked within the geology of the earth. Their method dowsed energy fields which, apparently, were laid down from above - hypothetically by extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

Precise Gridwork

By using their dowsing methods, Koch and Kyborg had produced graphs showing a precise gridwork which, according to Joachim Koch, seemed to appear on sites near current or past crop circle formations, or on ancient sacred sites.

These grids however, defined a very specific area of land. The pattern would be strong in one area, yet a few feet away could be totally absent. The pattern of energy grid lines changes in size over the area of the site.

Both men felt that this gridwork figure indicated that a site was "active". A tentative theory was that the site was being scanned and perhaps monitored in some way by ETI.

Active Sites

After discussion, Ron and Sharon felt that together with the Germans, they could assist in this project.

Koch and Kyborg had determined that four nearby sites were active at that time; Avebury, Knapp Hill, Silbury Hill and Windmill Hill.

They postulated that if groups of meditators were present at each site, they could assist in the activation of the energy and perhaps vector in the ETI.

Journeying through the Solar System

Joachim said that he felt that the most successful type of meditation would be a mantal journey through the solar system, passing each planet in turn and welcoming ETI that may be orbiting or transiting in the vicinity.


Ron and Sharon agreed that this type of meditation, called Coherent Thought Sequencing (developed byu Dr. Steven Greer), was the type of protocol that their CSETI field work involved.

It was decided to have a CSETI coordinator at three of the sites, while Joachim explained that he felt this experiment would be of great significance; that even if nothing was seen in the skies, the meditators would be altering and enhancing the energy on these sites from now into the future.

The Experiment

At this point, I shall let Sharon carry on in her own words, to describe their experiment in more detail:

Joachim explained to us that the Avebury stone circle was to be the premier site for the experiment - the nexus for the movement of the entire scheme. The advanced meditators were to be at Avebury - both in the Cove and within the large circle. These team-mates would be meditating for two one-hour intervals. Those who had little or no experience in meditation were to be in place at Knapp Hill. Their meditation would start ten minutes after the Avebury group's.

The Meditation Starts

Joachim and Hans wanted to be atop Silbury Hill, beginning their meditation at twenty minutes past the hour. Windmill Hill was the site where Ron led the meditation with a team of Canadians, Germans and Englishmen. They were to start their meditation at half past the hour.

We had already chosen that night, 28th July, 1994, as the date for the project. Because both Andrew Collins and Colin Andrews were leading groups nearby as well that night, some who would have participated with us were previously engaged. But we all thought it was suitable that there would be other teams watching and meditating on the same night, in different spots.

We exchanged the times of our meditations with Andy and Colin, so that we might all be aware of the agreed-upon times.

Church Bells Tolling

The appointed time for the first hour's meditation was simplified by the Avebury church bells tolling the hour. I lay between two large stones in the Cove. Within minutes after beginning the meditation, my body was wracked with a very powerful Kundalini force.

I began to subtly but perceptibly vibrate and all thoughts fled from my mind as I became infused with a golden, warm light. At this moment, I became aware that the two standing stones were vibrating at the same rate and frequency as my body.

Feeling the Energy

They were emitting a tone that was almost, but not quite, audible. I oculd feel it pulsing throughout all my physical and subtle bodies. I learned later that a large meteorite had flashed through the sky, apparently right in front of my field of vision, at this time.

I was completely unaware of anything but the merging of my own energy with that of the stones, and mesmerized by the perception of the column of golden light containing two helixes rotating anticlockwise that seemed to be rising from the stones at Avebury.

Closing Time....

The pub had just closed; a courting couple walked past into the Cove and left. Traffic was still abit thick on the road, but nothing mundane distracted me during the meditation. Interestingly, some part of me could sense when the other groups clicked with their meditations at the pre-appointed times.

Golden Light

It was as if another bit of golden light was added to the avebury column, intensifying and strengthening it. When the clock struck midnight, I could hardly believe it. It seemed that only minutes had passed since the beginning of the first meditation.

A Brilliant Flash

After an hour's skywatch and regrouping, the second hour of meditation began. At five or ten minutes before 2.00am, something told me to open my eyes and look to my left towards Windmill Hill. Just at that moment, a huge and brilliant flash of white light burst onto the darkened sky in the vicinity of Windmill Hill. when the church bells indicated it was 2.00am, all the groups had finished the project and we retired for the night.

Some Results

The coordinators of the four sites convened the next morning for a debriefing. We learned that all sites had witnessed the large 'meteorite' with the zig-zag trail behind it, and all sites but Windmill Hill had observed the huge flash of light in the sky.

Hans and Joachim atop Silbury Hill apparently had the best view of it and had sketched an illuminated object with two centeres. Erik Beckjord had also drawn a similar diagram of the same object he and others saw from Knapp Hill.
We learned that several people at the various sites were very moved during the meditation, several of the Windmill Hill team expressed that when the first meditation session ended that everything - the earth and themselves - felt altered.

Deep Peace

All groups spoke of a feeling of deep peace and connection during the course of the night. Although military flares from Salisbury Plain were observed prior to the first meditation, aircraft activity was strangely sparse during the three hours we were in place.

We all felt that the presence of the brilliant flashes of light just before 2.00am were indeed something anomalous, And all felt that somehow we had facilitated a shift in energy of the areas we occupied.

Since all the sites lie roughly in a line (with a kink for Avebury), it was our consensus that the energy along tis entire line had been interfered with and that something indeed had happened.

Just three nights following our experiment, three young people reported an incredible encounter which they observed from Silbury Hill. Ron Russell interviewed the people involved. The following section is written by Ron.

The Silbury Sighting

On 31st July, Andrew, Simon and Louise1 came down from the Midlands on a lark and decided to spend the night on Silbury Hill (Sharon, Jon and I had been conducting introductory CSETI field work on Woodborough Hill that night - Sharon's last night in England for this trip). Once the three midlanders were atop Silbury, they played some electronic space music at a low volume on their boom box.

Sitting on Silbury Hill

There were five other people on the hill, apparently drinking and carrying on. Simon, Andrew and Lousise were sitting at the northeast edge, overlooking the West Kennett Long Barrow area.

Louise pointing to the area

At around 1.00am, a thick fog had blanketed the area. While commenting among themselves on this, they saw two orangeish balls of light coming through the air from the Wadden Hill area, to their left.

Airborne Lights

The airbourne lights floated smoothly and silently by the Hill. When they reached the lay-by on the A4, they turned and went into the adjacent field. The field had a standing crop of wheat at the time. The three watched in utter amazement as the lights grew larger and assumed a tetrahedral shape, like small pyramids illuminated from within.

Better than Hollywood!

They exclaimed to each other that this was better than Steven Spielberg. They could then see into the pyramids and discerned the shape of five or six beings. Louise had the brilliant impulse to flash her torch at the tetrahedrons. (this is also a CSETI protocol used in our field work.)

Ron's diagram describing the sighting


The craft immediatelt turned around to face the hill, flying swftly towards the top. In utter amazement, Simon, Andrew and Louise watched as the pyramidal pods came to within fifty feet of their position.

Some strong and sudden fear reactions arose. And as if in response to these intense emotions, the ships moved back and down, going into the same field from which they had come.

Louise looked around the top of Silbury Hill and saw that the five rowdies were seemingly unconscious and prone.

Manifestation of the Grid

Down in the field, out of the two hovering pods came small beings. They floated over the wheat field, carrying a small device.

Their device emitted light and the small beings worked the field for a few minutes, creating a square grid with sparks of light.

The square grid was large, estimated at 100 feet per side. Our Midlands friends had regained their composure somewhat and were continuing to watch this activity in astonishment when they became aware of a car approaching through the fog from the direction of Marlborough.

The Visitors Retreat

The ET visitors also saw the car. Louise could telepathically hear them scurrying about. The small beings went back into the two pods. The two pods then appeared to merge into one. This one pod "collapsed" into the hedgerow and hid there whilst the car passed by! My networking has discovered, to my astonishment, that very possibly this car was being driven by Paul Vigay2.

Working on the Grid again

Once the car had passed, the white ball of light emerged from the hedgerow, came back into the field, resumed the shape of two pyramid pods, the little beings came out and set to work again on the light grid. They laid out a similar grid adjacent to the previous one so the resulting pattern was a large rectangle.

Just as the pods seemed to simply fade away, Jaimie came up to them from the other side of the hilltop.Jaimie as well reported seeing the large orange glowing objects fading out. At that point, the party folk "came to" and rather staggered down the hill. Andrew, Simon and Louise spent the rest of the night in rapt discussion.

Some Verifications

I interviewed these young people after Judy Young told me of their sighting. They were friends of hers and Judy was concerned that the wrong approach could be taken with the information through the tabloid press, alarmists and what have you, and this could be upsetting and even damaging to the contactees.

I took Mary Bennett and John Ballou with me to psyche out the authenticity of the report. We conducted a debriefing for several hours on the lawn of the Glastonbury Abbey.

Later that night, Mary, John and I drove to the area of the field across from Silbury Hill to feel the energies. However, we all got ill! And we had not even entered the gridwork field. Rather, we were in the adjacent cow pasture when the physical discomfort hit us all. The energy seemed to be too strong that night for us to enter the energy grid field.

Military Intervention

Interestingly, some days later a military team closed off the area. They chansed people from the lay-bys and car parks in order to conduct some unknown exercise in the field. They were observed to have some sort of large electronic devices.

We learned of this activity from a bread-truck driver who was one of those chased off. Mary, John and I immediately set off for the field that night. We entered it with no difficulty; however, to our surprise, we found it void of energy and as ordinary as any other field.

Some Implications

For me, the event reeks of brilliant cosmic humour. Once again the visitors are playing with us and weaving complex connections that appear incredulous to the rational mind.


Koch and Kyborg had just been describing he energy grids they had found with their sensitive dowsing methods. They had just been atop Silbury Hill for our experiment successful without this theatrical sighting.
Then three nights later, these young people see little beings laying out grid from Silbury Hill. and the car that goes by that night at about 1.20am just happens to be Paul Vigay, the paranormal researcher. Good grief, how much more strange can it get?!

Then, in comes the military, cordons off the area, and uses some sort of electronic gear to suck out the residue of this close encounter. The mind reels! What next?

Plans afoot for 1995

It goes without saying that we intend to watch the field across from Silbury Hill for a formation or more activity during the 1995 season. I would like to issue a call for all experienced meditators who enjoyed this report to contact us and join us this year for a larger, more disciplined experiment.

Anyone interested can contact Sharon at P.O.Box 587, Englewood, Colorado 80151, USE. Fax: 303/798-2694(3-3-3).
You don't have to be a member of CSETI or any other organisation.

You should be able to stand some nights out, have a grip on your fear issues, and be able to quiet your formative mind when needed. All of us involved in 1994's experiment feel that far-reaching results could be accomplished.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ron Russell and Sharon Adamiak for letting me reproduce their report for the benefit of Enigma readers. I am very much looking forward to participating in Ron's research this year.

  1. Fictitious names have been used throughout this article, to protect the anonymity of the persons interviewed.
  2. I can verify that I did indeed drive along the A4 at approximately 1.15am and witnessed the very dense fog. I didn't see any of the happenings on Silbury Hill. However, I thought at the time that the fog was so thick and came down so suddenly that it may be hiding something. It really was about as dense as I have ever witnessed fog. PV

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