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Enigma Issue 1: Survival of Death

by Michael Roll | Summer 1993

A revolution has taken place in scientific thinking. The nuclear physicists have discovered other dimensions of existence.

Reality beyond our senses:

The greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (6th century BC), postulated that reality also existed beyond our five physical senses. We now know that Pythagoras was absolutely correct with his conclusion, that WE ALL survive the death of our physical bodies, and this includes animals.

Sub-Atomic Particles:

Our short stay on Earth is for one purpose only, and that is to learn lessons in this difficult physical dimension, and therefore try to develop our characters. You can think of our physical bodies as a vehicle that we carry ourselves around in, and when it wears out and dies our mind carries on exactly as before, but this time operating in another body that is made up of much finer, faster vibrating, sub-atomic particles. We now know the so called supernatural and paranormal are natural and normal after all. Nothing is above the laws of nature.

Scientific Proof:

Two of the greatest scientists this country has produced, Sir William Crookes OM FRS, and Sir Oliver Lodge FRS, were the early pioneers of nuclear physics, and were adamant to the end of their earthly lives that proof of survival after death would eventually come from within the atom. Sir Oliver Lodge made the following statement in his book 'Phantom Walls' published in 1929 when he was nearly eighty.

"We have to be guided by the facts, and if the facts seem incredible as they do, we have first of all to assure ourselves that they are facts, and then conclude that there is a department of knowledge to which we have as yet not got the key."

When this book was published only the proton and electron had been discovered, the vital neutron was not discovered until 1932. It is these three subatomic particles that are the building blocks of all matter in our physical universe, from the sun, to our bodies, to the air we breath. Thanks to recent, revolutionary discoveries within the atom, in 1987, we have the key that Crookes and Lodge lacked, which is the fact that over 200 subatomic particles have now been discovered.

"I completely agree with these arguments about the reality of the existence of a normally unseen world. I am sure the explanation of these phenomena can be found in Quantum Mechanics, which is applied to the subatomic level. Here we will find the key to the unseen world".
Michael Scott BSc
Astrophysics, Edinburgh University

Sixth Sense:

People with a highly developed sixth sense, typically genuine mediums, are able to bridge the gap between these different dimensions of existence. These mediums are able to communicate with people (who have passed on) whose surroundings are as solid and as natural as ours are to us. They exist in our physical universe, but as their subatomic particles (building blocks) are moving at such staggering speeds, they are out of range of our five physical senses. An example of this is television, where all the channels that are being broadcasted are all operating in the same space, but at different frequencies (subatomic vibrations).

We are made of exactly the same substances as television signals (invisible matter).

To prove this revolutionary breakthrough in physics, we now have in England a materialisation medium(1) far more advanced than Florrie Cook, the medium that Sir William Crookes experimented with in the 1870's.

Greatest living chemist:

In his day Sir William was recognised as the greatest living chemist, and to his credit discovered six chemical elements, and was not the sort of person who would "dabble" in anything. Unlike just one person from the unseen and normally unsensed universe materialising, as Katie King did, we now have as many as seven people materialising at one meeting. A number of scientists, including Alan Crossley (arguably the world's leading expert on this type of mediumship), he was Helen Duncan's biographer, the physical medium who was killed in 1956, have had the privilege of actually physically embracing their "dead" loved ones. They are exactly the same as we remember them, and are able to materialise for hours on end. There can be no question of fraud, because at these meetings all five of our senses are working.


1. Materialisation medium - one who can allow those departed people, living in the unseen universe to somehow lower their sub-atomic vibrations in order to appear in our physical universe. During this time they are as solid and natural as we are.

Further Reading:

If you would like to explore this subject in more depth, the following books are invaluable reading and are highly recommended;

By Arthur Findlay -

(These three books are currently out of print, but you may find them in second hand shops or your public library)

By Sir Oliver Lodge -

By Professor J. Arthur Thompson -

You may also like to write to Michael Roll, a journalist promoting the works of Arthur Findlay and Sir Oliver Lodge, who will send his theses "The Physicists' and Rationalists' case for Survival after the Death of our Physical Bodies", free of charge, to every person who sends a stamped addressed envelope of any size to: 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 6AH, England. Everything has been translated into layman's language.

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