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Help spread awareness and meet new people by joining a local club, or recommending one.

In order to promote and further our understanding of mysteries, new sciences and spiritual awakenings, this page has been setup in order to help readers find a local group or society where they might meet like-minded people and attend local lectures and talks.

If you would like YOUR group or society indexed in this resource center, please email me approxmimately 800-1000 words (roughly equivalent to a page of typed A4) describing the history, aims and current purpose of your group. It should be worded in a way to introduce newcomers to your activities and events. However, should you wish to advertise your own events, please add them to the diary section linked to above.

UK Based Clubs

The South East London Folklore Society

The South East London Folklore Society is an informal moot which meets in Greenwich on the second Monday of each month. Meetings most commonly feature a guest speaker. Subjects range from paganism, the paranormal, occultism, folklore and earth mysteries.

We meet in the Conservatory of the Mitre public house, 291 Greenwich High Road, London SE10 8NA, from 7.30pm on the second Monday of each month. The Mitre is located very close to central Greenwich and Greenwich station. £2.50/£1.50 concessions.

For details of up and coming events, please email

The Southampton UFO Group (SUFOG)

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

By-monthly group meetings in local club every third thursday of the month (£2 per meeting).

Membership £6.50 per year includes bi-monthly newsletter and membership card.

We investigate mainly ufo reports, but we also investigate crop circles, ghosts and any other strange and unknown phenomenon.

We do a yearly field trip to Avebury and we attend local group lectures and conferences when we can as well as organising our own yearly conference.

Contact address :
25 Weston Grove Road
SO19 9EE

Web site :

Unexplained Phenomena Research Society (UNEX)


UNEX, the Society for Research into Unexplained Phenomena, is a non-profit making organisation, and was formed some five years ago, being mainly the inspiration of Lucy Pringle, the well-known crop circle researcher. Several people who had an interest in matters of an unexplained nature were drawn together and agreed to form the Society. Lucy Pringle still serves as Chairman, with Keith Wakelam as Vice Chairman and Newsletter Editor. The Committee consists of a further eight like-minded individuals, some of whom take care of duties such as Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Membership Secretary.

The aims and objectives of the Society are to further the study of all unexplained phenomena such as those listed below and others that may arise; to share and exchange information with other like-minded or interested societies; to publish and assist in the publication of research papers and relevant data in suitable outlets.

The initial list of research items include: Free energy devices (or the investigation of sustainable, universal energy); Unidentified Flying Objects; crop circle phenomena; spiritual, holistic, magnetic, crystal and other therapies; anomalous powers of the human body and brain; unknown force fields, ley lines and earth energies; extrasensory perception; contacts with non-human intelligences ...... in short - everything that experts cannot explain.

The main research project concerns the work of the late Charles Brooker. The aim of our investigation is to replicate his work and thereby confirm his findings, but this has been hampered by the need for two magnetometers; these were not readily available and the costs were exorbitant. However, a breakthrough was made in early 2000, when Keith Wakelam was able to construct the two magnetometers required.

It is hoped to reconstruct Charles Brooker's original experiments on the earth's east/west sweeping magnetic field. He had the idea that there were changes in this field as the earth rotated, sweeping around the earth at speeds of up to 500 miles per hour, from east to west. This is an additional magnetic field, as opposed to the normal north/south one.

Throughout the year, speakers on topics of varying interest are invited. During 2000, talks have been given by Bob Haining on the Rife machine; Adrian Stringer on handwriting analysis; Robert Byrnes on Inversion, and Diana Cooper on Meeting Your Angels.

The talks are proving very popular indeed, as more and more people learn of the Society. These mainly take place at Petersfield Community Centre, Love Lane, Petersfield, Hampshire. Tickets are usually £3.00 for UNEX members, £5.00 for non-members, children £2.00. There is also a "free evening" for members when a speaker is arranged; non-members are welcome on payment of £5.00. At times it may be necessary to make an alteration to these prices. Doors open at 7.00pm and talks start promptly at 7.30pm

Membership of the Society costs £10.00 per year, and runs from 1st January. Those joining in October onwards of any year will receive three months free membership. Members will receive the UNEX NEWSLETTER three times a year and gain reduced entry fees to UNEX lectures, from £5.00 to £3.00. For those not wishing to attend talks, Newsletter Only membership is available at £6.00 per year.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in March of each year, at Petersfield Community Centre, and all members are invited. This is usually followed by a speaker, when non-members may attend, upon payment of £5.00.

For further details, email Marion Simmonds (Hon.Secretary) at

The University of Life

The University of Life was set up to provide lectures, workshops and Conferences for those who want to find out more on the following topics. These cover a varied range from UFOs,Crop Circles, C.S.E.T.I. to spiritual, metaphysical and Complimentary Therapies.

For further details, email David Kingston at


The Southern Appalachia UFO Network (SAUN)

The Southern Appalachia UFO Network (SAUN) is one of several representative an Affiliate Member Organizations of The United States UFO Information and Research Center (USUFOIRC). We are a privately funded, not-for-profit organization specializing in the study and research of UFOs and Contact with their occupants.

Our group functions to provide support for persons professing to have had UFO sightings and personal contact with Extra and "Ultra" Terrestrial Beings believed to be otherworldly in origin and nature. We have meetings on a month basis.

Each year, in cooperation with the USUFOIRC, SAUN hosts an annual gathering of UFO enthusiasts, researchers, field investigators, and highly knowledgeable speakers at Roan Mountain State Park, in Roan Mountain, Tennessee in the United States of America. Details about the annual outdoor conference and skywatch, SAUN, and its sponsor the USUFOIRC can be found on our Website Main Directory at ...thanks for your time and attention!!!

For more information, please email us at and thank you for your time and attention.


Robots' Rebellion e-Group

We are an egroup,we are called the Robots-Rebellion.We Discuss David Icke & The N.W.O/Reptile conspiracy.

We are a spiritual group who are helping each other through this period of change the Earth is going through.

We have members from all over the World.
We are a Freespeech group and no flaming is allowed.

Our web address is and you can join by sending a Blank email to

Please feel free to join us.

Andy.The Moderator & Owner of the Robots-Rebellion.

For more information, email Andrew Kirk at


Add your own club, local group or society

If you would like to submit details of your own club or society, please complete our online form.

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