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The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena (IRCUP) was founded in 1993 by myself, Paul Vigay, after a number of personal experiences and four years of extensive research into the continuing crop circles enigma. I was previously a UFO and paranormal investigator, but became interested in crop circles in 1989 when I had a number of first-hand experiences and discovered anomalous electrical effects in and around crop formations.

After four years it had became increasingly apparent that there was a real and genuine mystery to the subject. Not only have strange aerial anomalies (UFOs) been linked with crop circles, but many people and objects have been affected by their influence - either positively or negatively. Another thing which became more widespread during the last few years is the seemingly paranoid attempts by some sceptics and hoaxers to try to debunk the subject and muddy the water in the eyes of the general public. This is not helped by a sensationalist and government controlled media.

It seems that some people are determined to undermine serious research, either by their own fear of the unknown or by fear of new discoveries in science and technology. To this end, I decided to create IRCUP - for the serious investigation and study of the subject - not just recording witness reports, but also carrying out repeatable experiments using scientific and electronic equipment.

IRCUP publishes a regular journal four times a year in order to spread and raise public awareness and also to report on scientific results and new theories regarding crop circles and related phenomena.
This printed A5 sized journal, Enigma, is available on subscription (or selected booksellers) for £8.00(UK) or £15.00(overseas) per year (inc.p&p).

Although mainly concentrating on crop circles, UFOs and spiritual awareness, IRCUP also carry out investigations into ESP, ghosts, life after death, telepathy and other paranormal events.

IRCUP are also the official Internet contacts for Operation Right To Know (ORTK) Britain

This web site has won a number of international awards and continues to set new standards and implement unique facilities to visitors, including the World's only fully interactive, searchable database of International Crop Formations, which not only allows visitors to search for keywords, places and dates but also allows people to add their own comments and experiences to any entry in the database. This database is unique and exclusive to www.cropcircleresearch.com and its affiliated sites.

I am also the creator and administrator of The Crop Circle WebRing which links crop circle related web sites around the world - again dedicated to sharing knowledge and raising awareness of important issues.

Back in 1995, myself and ParadigmShift.com founder Diahann Hughes jointly created the alt.paranormal.crop-circles Usenet newsgroup which allows the public discussion of crop circle related subjects.

Maintaining this site takes a huge amount of time, effort and dedication in order to stay up to date and a become a useful resource center to everyone interested in the crop circle subject. At present all research, investigations and travelling is paid for by myself. Although access is completely free of charge (and will remain so for the foreseeable future), all donations are appreciated and will be put towards future research and ongoing scientific investigations.
I have created a PayPal account so that you can make donations, however big or small - the amount is up to you - if you feel that you would like to help support my research in some small way. I welcome anything you think you can afford, the amount is entirely up to you.
I strongly believe in the sharing of information for the good of mankind and the planet, so access to the entire web site as well as my database and mailing lists will remain completely free of charge, and any donations are entirely at your discretion and kindness. I don't believe that information and knowledge should only be available to those who can afford it, so I wish to avoid subscriptions or charges for any of the services offered by this web site. I hope that anyone rich or poor, newcomer or experienced researcher, intrigued passer-by or academic scientist will find this web site interesting and informative. Thank you.

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